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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Where are the Public Relations Firms?

Michael Gray on Long Island notes that a Google search for “spinach” produces not one crafted public relations effort, despite almost a week of breaking news about e-coli contaminations of spinach, advisories to destroy purchased bagged spinach, and concern about the image of organic foods and farmers following this public health threat. A “spinach” query […]

Zappos, the SEO/SEM Business

It is rare these days that I encounter an acknowledgement that SEO (or more broadly, Search Engine Marketing SEM) is a fundamental in online commerce. In my business, that’s a given – most of us who practice what we preach choose to do so in markets where SEO makes optimal sense. We actually pick markets […]

Microsoft Mouse: A Symptom?

This week Microsoft unveiled a new ergonomic mouse. It was a long time ago that microsoft unveiled their first mouse, and that coincided with the promotion of Windows, the new graphical operating system that moved users away from their keyboards and into repetitive finger clicking. Selling that mouse was clearly in the best interests of […]