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Monthly Archives: September 2006

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Out of curiousity, I sometimes track seo relationships on the web. Of course there are the one-long-page testimonial people, all incestuous and “professional” in their scams. And the evangelicals, who seem to align with the White Hat Society more often than not. Of course we know the bad boys and girls at ThreadWatch, with their […]

“We’re part of a much larger conversation”

Yeah, so am I. I’m part of a really large conversation called the Internet. Am I the only one in SEO world staring in disbelief at ClaimID, which turned a third-party links page for SEO into a Web 2.0 business? If you’re not a search person, skip the rest of this. It might be misleading. […]

Have you claimed your FREE online cell account?

I just read about HP’s board hiring investigators to find the source of a boardroom leak, and admitting that pre-texting was used by the investigators to obtain the cell phone records of reporters and board members. Pre-texting is the name given to a social engineering technique – you call the phone company and pretend to […]