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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Penis Enlargement, Halloween Costumes, Viagra, Pet Collars… and

That’s the currnet blog spam roundup. The typical phentermine spam, casino/poker spam, viagra spam, and Halloween costume spam, plus lots of “Nice Site” spam, one comment spam from an SEO firm in Colorado, and of course Jill got caught by Akismet (again). But this time I see a blog comment spam from Is UNICEF […]

Content is King

Content is King. As little content as possible, is King. Content is King.

Branding: More Expensive than Ever!

I just flew Frontier Airlines. I hit the highway from Denver at 6am for my 8:30am flight, only to encounter snow plows and traffic jams in white-out conditions. The cell still worked, so I called Frontier Airlines to check on flight status. No delays. Darn. It didn’t make sense to me, but a second call […]

A day in the Life of an SEO Scam Artist

It’s not that late (almost 2am) but as I am feeling a bit tired today I’ve poured a glass of wine and set back from the monitors to write this post. I just read yet-another-non-seo complaining about SEO as a field of scam artists. Yawn. It was a copy writer, no less. And one who […]

Pick your Poison: An SEO at the Pub

In suburban America in the 80’s, everyone had a home bar, and everyone wanted to know everyone else’s drink. You wanted to be able to take a guest aside to the bar and serve him what he liked…make him feel special. The town hall people, the lawyer down the street, the cardiologist that gave out […]

Competitive Pressures: Keeping up with the Spammers & Googlers

I’m always looking for ways to motivate myself to compete, because it is that competitive work done in an emotional, driven fury that pays off year after year as dividends (residual income). The daily grind brings in the bread, yes, but the bi-weekly checks from activity on sites built over a few frantic days of […]

CSS layouts, the box model, and IE7

If you know me you know I don’t disclose my sources. My first job as an Engineer was with a small instrumentation manufacturer, and I learned that business intelligence (including vendor lists and employee directories) is very, very valuable. As a Biomedical Engineer working in New Jersey, word was “the parkway goes both ways” suggesting […]

The Best SEO Advice of All: Pay Attention to Attention

I don’t consider myself a role model for SEO, and I don’t mean to give “advice” on SEO. Tips, yes, because they are logical, technical, and can be tested. But advice? The trick about understanding advice is, authority is granted, not taken. You only have “authority” if someone grants you that authority in their own […]

Are you going to Pubcon in Las Vegas?

I haven’t participated in any WebmasterWorld things for a while. I tired of it, got annoyed by the mods and community, and pretty much saw no value to it. Now I am re-considering Pubcon because it is so mixed up now. So big, with so much going on and so many people all mixed up […]

This is for you. You know who you are.

I wandered over here and saw this link to a Mac vs. PC video that reminds me of a few people I know (especially the Jack Russel Terrier part). But, in the end I dedicate this post to YOU. You know who you are, you former PC, former Mac, PC user.

Free SEO Tips

So none of the SEOs out there are publishing real SEO tips anymore? Well, here’s a small one to keep in mind that can make you a wee bit more competitive while maintaining a decent level of decorum in the keyword spamming department. I call it “Search box suggestion keyword spam” and it is dripping […]

Google Buys YouTube for How Much?

Let everyone else comment on the YouTube financials. I’ll stick with the fall out. If Google pays $1.6 Billion in stock for YouTube, it means at least one of three things: Google thinks Google stock is WAY overvalued Google thinks the YouTube people are gifted geniuses capable of achieving for more than Google’s 200 or […]

Steady as she goes… don’t rock the boat (?)

This blog is about online marketing and SEO. It’s my opinions and that’s all. I marvel every day at the wackiness of the online world, but try and limit my blogging to SEO and online marketing. God knows I could go on and on otherwise. I have spent a good deal of time in the […]

Thanks for the Game: It’s Been Fun Beating You

I compete in many different markets on the web, and many of those are less-than serious. Much of the Internet is like real estate – you take a domain name and either develop it or hold it. I liken the non-serious web sites that I have on valuable domain names to what are called “tax […]

Reading the SERPs: The Art of Competitive Webmastering

Another inquiry, another proposal, another SEO client. And in between those three lies 15 hours of studying the search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO is one large part of the competitive Internet, but not all of it. The SEO toolset, however, supports most of what we do when we get competitive. SEO tools are not […]

Obligation Stifles Creativity, and other Myths of the Privileged Elite

My friend Stefan sent me a link to Steve Yegge’s blog. Everything that follows should be prefaced with “apparently” because honestly, that’s all I read. I don’t know Steve or anything about him. Steve is apparently a Google manager. One of those privileged elites that are “in charge” of developers that bring us such great […]