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Monthly Archives: October 2006

This is for you. You know who you are.

I wandered over here and saw this link to a Mac vs. PC video that reminds me of a few people I know (especially the Jack Russel Terrier part). But, in the end I dedicate this post to YOU. You know who you are, you former PC, former Mac, PC user.

Free SEO Tips

So none of the SEOs out there are publishing real SEO tips anymore? Well, here’s a small one to keep in mind that can make you a wee bit more competitive while maintaining a decent level of decorum in the keyword spamming department. I call it “Search box suggestion keyword spam” and it is dripping […]

Google Buys YouTube for How Much?

Let everyone else comment on the YouTube financials. I’ll stick with the fall out. If Google pays $1.6 Billion in stock for YouTube, it means at least one of three things: Google thinks Google stock is WAY overvalued Google thinks the YouTube people are gifted geniuses capable of achieving for more than Google’s 200 or […]