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Monthly Archives: November 2006 Self-effacing Link-bait for the SEO Community

I have to say welcome to SEO Blog World to SEOLoser, who posted his Pubcon experience on his SEOLoser blog. It is so real it is funny, and it is so funny most of the people he lampoons won’t realize most of it is so true. I won’t reproduce his words here because you should go […]

Nintendo DS Lite and Opera Browser

At Pubcon I was a lucky winner of a Nintendo DS Lite from the Opera booth. I have to admit, I didn’t even know what that was, but I have always loved the Opera browser and especially on my mobile device (Windows Mobile 5). The Opera Mobile browser automagically re-renders an html page to fit […]

No more Akismet scanning

Sorry, but today Akismet caught 7 different dumps of blog spam which had each 400+ lines of href’s to IE7 exploit downloads (the one that launches embedded media player). All that garbage coming in means I won’t be scanning the Akismet catch basin any more. And that means that if you are one of those […]

Do really typo traffic exist?

That is the question. And the answer is…. Thus marks the return of to the Google SERPs. Not the greatest #1 spot to hold, I agree, but given that a mere 15% or so of the traffic to this blog ever came via Google referrals, not that big a deal either. What about […]

John’s Hopkins Organ Exchange Program: Marketing on the Internets

While playing with a new “medication alerts on your cell phone” service invented by one very dedicated pharmacist, I linked over to a news article that John’s Hopkins had run a marathon organ exchange surgery day. Five healthy people donated 5 kidneys to 5 desparate patients in one session, across 6 operating rooms, involving over 100 […]

Don’t believe everything you read

Scott over at Fused Nation said it well: Now here’s a thought for the forum junkies out there.  For every stupid comment made without thought that is subsequently brought to light – how many aren’t?  Worth considering while you base the future of your business on information you read on forums.

Ever diligent

Yawn. The eve of Thanksgiving. Normal people are at home, roasting chestnuts, sipping port on this chilly evening. Perhaps there’s a fire for the first time this winter. Meanwhile, a new set of IPs start crawling the web looking for “search engine spam”. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. Editor’s Note: That was not a rhetorical post. The IPs were […]

Yahoo! Mining Flickr Data to Sell Me a New Camera

Paul Kedrosky notes that Flickr has begun to publish trend data on camera popularity. Not everyone is aware that jpeg’s created by digital cameras contain meta data (known as EXIF data). That meta data includes the camera make and model used to capture the image, the exposure settings, and other data about the camera and […]

Checking the Con in PubCon

I have a head for details. I have always been very observant, and I remember even tiny details of conversations, environments, and facial expressions. Sometimes it bugs me, as I over-analyze and seek meaning in probably meaningless gestures. But more often, those little details fall into place later and provide clues for understanding oberved paradoxes. […]

Google Negotiating Access to Lightpoles for Google WiFi

This is not SEO, but it is about Google and Google’s desire to “own” municipal WiFi. Google and Earthlink have a partnership for WiFi in San Francisco, and it seems Google is also, in addition to the partnership with Earthlink, asking for separate “real estate” rights on 1500 light poles in San Francisco. Light poles […]

The Competitive Web and Affiliate Marketing – doomed?

At Pubcon I got into a conversation about affiliate marketing. I hold the position that affiliate marketing is a temporary opportunity, and not one for long-term investment. By my read, an affiliate is useful for only as long as the more traditional sales process is unable to satisfy consumer demand. As soon as a more […]

Drinking the Gool-Aide™

I noticed a high percentage of SEOs at Pubcon openly proclaiming a commitment to “white hat” SEO. These were not just wanna-be’s either. In discussion, they were very knowledgable of SEO and plenty experienced/successful as competitive web masters. Many of them loved Google’s webmaster tools, sitemap, analytics, and *gasp* even toolbar. The Google Kool-Aide is […]

Who Moved My Cheese? or “We have lost our passion to WIN”

“Who Moved My Cheese” is a best selling book about change. It is a hideous read. When I first saw it, I am not sure which made my stomach turn harder – trying to read it, accepting that someone had paid money for it, or accepting that someone in upper management believed that everyone below […]

Pubcon Collateral Damage

Back from Las Vegas already, but no blogging on Well, my Thinkpad died on day 2 of Pubcon, interrupting my normal daily evening online activities. I sent it off via IBM Ezcare for servicing (after learning that the local Thinkpad depot service in Vegas did not have the parts and would actually take longer). […]

Ted Leonsis is an SEO, too

Ted Leonsis is Vice Chairman of AOL. He wants to control the Google SERPs for his own name. He doesn’t need an SEO, because he is an SEO. According to the Washington post story, Ted Leonsis was driven by a desire to rank for his own name about a year ago, so he started blogging. […]

The PubCon SEO Card Game

Here’s a little PubCon SEO card game I’m playing when I get to Vegas. I have red SEO business cards for my SEO consulting. I will be using them as my business card this trip, handing them out on request and (hopefully) trading them for your business card. The unique part is, this time each […]

The ABD Badge of Honor

Courtesy of IncrediBill, who wanted me to marvel at how some underemployed graduate school drop out had admired Bill’s work on bot-blocking, I found this quote about people who completed all of the requirements of the Ph.D. (including passing the qualifiers and completing all coursework) but did not complete a dissertation / pass a dissertation defense. […]

Protected: My Sponsored Review of ReviewMe

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Blogging PubCon Competitive Tips

In reviewing my notes from an old PubCon, I found the few notes I did make were spot on good ones. Every person in the audience holds a different belief system, and it is our belief systems which enable us to “hear”. Mine is skewed towards competitive angles and skepticism, based on quite a bit of […]


Go figure, independent me has to attend to a schedule during PubCon. Well, at least a few webex/phone conferences… and one of them early morning (ouch). I’m skipping Day 1 for other priorities, arriving Tuesday night some time, but I am staying over Friday night to make up for it. As these things go, I […]

Too Late for 06, but Next Year: SEO RollerCon in Vegas

Well my good friend Matt Cutts (who appears to have personally intervened in the banning of this blog from Google – thanks Matt!) posted to his blog today that Googlers are into Roller Hockey in a big way. That’s great news, because it was several years ago that Matt himself cautiously approached this new-thing-called-roller-hockey as […] banished from the Google kingdom

Well, it looks like this blog has been dropped from the Google index. Why would that be? Well, like the rest of the world, I will never know because that is how the GreatGoogle does things. Poof. Gone. No Google traffic for this blog. Paging Matt Cutts…. any wisdom on this one? Seems pretty innoccuous […]

Google Cranks up the Knob on external achor text/title text: Who’s first for your domain name today?

Wow…Google has cranked up the knob for external anchor text way beyond reason. Today I checked some domains that have always ranked very well in their markets. Low-grade but persistent SEO efforts on the money words, but little else. These are budget-conscious small business sites where branding the URL was never a goal, although they […]

Now that I found a way to read the unpublished draft posts in your WordPress blog, I understand you much better

There is a draft post in my WordPress system called “Hand over your Lupins”. I never published it. I haven’t finished it yet. I don’t want anyone to read it in the current form, because it contains notes and suggestions for further development, including references to some key figures in SEO Celebrity Land. If that […]

You’re not here to do a job: You’re here to Help Us Win

I was asked by the CEO of a healthcare company why I thought his people (managers and employees) didn’t exhibit the “killer instinct” that he saw in highly competitive companies. He was about to once again go outside the company for a new management hire, but only because he didn’t feel he could promote from […]

Are your customers “waiting for…” ?

It happens to me, so it can happen to them. I visit a website, it loads partially, and stalls. Down in the status bar I see the message “waiting for…” and it just sits there. Any time you insert third-site javascript into your page code, between your visitor and your message, you hand some […]

Green SEO – the only color of SEO worth doing

Tim Converse presents a set of colors for search engine optimization, beyond the now standard “black, white and grey”. He has the right idea, but I am afraid he missed the mark. His new range runs from “Dark inky black” to  “Luminescent pearly white”, but Tim, those aren’t colors. Black is the absence of color, […]