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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Do really typo traffic exist?

That is the question. And the answer is…. Thus marks the return of to the Google SERPs. Not the greatest #1 spot to hold, I agree, but given that a mere 15% or so of the traffic to this blog ever came via Google referrals, not that big a deal either. What about […]

John’s Hopkins Organ Exchange Program: Marketing on the Internets

While playing with a new “medication alerts on your cell phone” service invented by one very dedicated pharmacist, I linked over to a news article that John’s Hopkins had run a marathon organ exchange surgery day. Five healthy people donated 5 kidneys to 5 desparate patients in one session, across 6 operating rooms, involving over 100 […]

Don’t believe everything you read

Scott over at Fused Nation said it well: Now here’s a thought for the forum junkies out there.  For every stupid comment made without thought that is subsequently brought to light – how many aren’t?  Worth considering while you base the future of your business on information you read on forums.