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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Google Negotiating Access to Lightpoles for Google WiFi

This is not SEO, but it is about Google and Google’s desire to “own” municipal WiFi. Google and Earthlink have a partnership for WiFi in San Francisco, and it seems Google is also, in addition to the partnership with Earthlink, asking for separate “real estate” rights on 1500 light poles in San Francisco. Light poles […]

The Competitive Web and Affiliate Marketing – doomed?

At Pubcon I got into a conversation about affiliate marketing. I hold the position that affiliate marketing is a temporary opportunity, and not one for long-term investment. By my read, an affiliate is useful for only as long as the more traditional sales process is unable to satisfy consumer demand. As soon as a more […]

Drinking the Gool-Aide™

I noticed a high percentage of SEOs at Pubcon openly proclaiming a commitment to “white hat” SEO. These were not just wanna-be’s either. In discussion, they were very knowledgable of SEO and plenty experienced/successful as competitive web masters. Many of them loved Google’s webmaster tools, sitemap, analytics, and *gasp* even toolbar. The Google Kool-Aide is […]