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Monthly Archives: December 2006

We Have A Winner! 43323

At Pubcon in Las Vegas and for a few days before and after Pubcon, I handed out my Signature SEO “Play to Win” business cards serialized. That is, on the reverse of each card was printed a unique serial number. Prior to that, I had picked a number of winners and written downthe serial numbers. […]

What Search Marketing Gurus know, revealed.

Hahahahahahahaha. Too funny. But Headline baiting seems to be the fad of the year as we close 2006, so I figured why not twist a positive mention on Search Engine Guru to my Headline Baiting Advantage. At least I put this honest disclaimer into the first 100 characters of the RSS feed. I’m not a […]

Looking Back at the SEO Year Gone By

It’s SEO reflection time. It’s that time of the year that you take a look back and examine (briefly) what you did and didn’t do for your SEO enterprise,┬áin order to┬áincrease your awareness for the coming year. Some initial reflections worthy of consideration: Had you sought out just one quality back link per month for […]