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Monthly Archives: December 2006

We Have A Winner! 43323

At Pubcon in Las Vegas and for a few days before and after Pubcon, I handed out my Signature SEO “Play to Win” business cards serialized. That is, on the reverse of each card was printed a unique serial number. Prior to that, I had picked a number of winners and written downthe serial numbers. […]

What Search Marketing Gurus know, revealed.

Hahahahahahahaha. Too funny. But Headline baiting seems to be the fad of the year as we close 2006, so I figured why not twist a positive mention on Search Engine Guru to my Headline Baiting Advantage. At least I put this honest disclaimer into the first 100 characters of the RSS feed. I’m not a […]

Looking Back at the SEO Year Gone By

It’s SEO reflection time. It’s that time of the year that you take a look back and examine (briefly) what you did and didn’t do for your SEO enterprise, in order to increase your awareness for the coming year. Some initial reflections worthy of consideration: Had you sought out just one quality back link per month for […]