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Monthly Archives: December 2006

We Have A Winner! 43323

At Pubcon in Las Vegas and for a few days before and after Pubcon, I handed out my Signature SEO “Play to Win” business cards serialized. That is, on the reverse of each card was printed a unique serial number. Prior to that, I had picked a number of winners and written downthe serial numbers. […]

What Search Marketing Gurus know, revealed.

Hahahahahahahaha. Too funny. But Headline baiting seems to be the fad of the year as we close 2006, so I figured why not twist a positive mention on Search Engine Guru to my Headline Baiting Advantage. At least I put this honest disclaimer into the first 100 characters of the RSS feed. I’m not a […]

Looking Back at the SEO Year Gone By

It’s SEO reflection time. It’s that time of the year that you take a look back and examine (briefly) what you did and didn’t do for your SEO enterprise, in order to increase your awareness for the coming year. Some initial reflections worthy of consideration: Had you sought out just one quality back link per month for […]

Merry Christmas to Ted Leonsis

Yes, you read that right. Merry Christmas to Ted. I don’t do SEO contests, but this one has been special so I played along. And I have learned about Ted Leonsis in the process. Ted rose to the top of AOL (not my favorite company) and stayed there (not something I usually respect). And along the way […]

Wiki Sorry and Competitive Webmasters

It’s a slow news week so we’ve all read about how the Wikipedia founder plans to launch a new search engine (along with that uses a “community of trust” to serve up relevant results. According to that wikipedia guy, as reported in many places, “Google is very good at many types of search, but […]

Jason Calcanis: From Now On, Links are Everything

Second title of this post is : Read My Lips: Content is King Third Title of this post is : Google Can’t Read: Rich Navigation and the Return of Link Power With the growth of asynchronous web technologies like what is commonly called AJAX, comes a new form of “rich navigation”. Rich Navigation is navigation supplemented […]

Wanted: Paid Review Broker (a.k.a. My Review of ReviewMe)

I’m looking for a broker to bring me paid review opportunities. I am willing to review stuff (web services, products, books, videos, personalities, historical blunders, just about anything) in exchange for a payment. I will disclose the review as “sponsored” as appropriate. I will respond to any requests for paid reviews within 2 days, and […]

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About John Andrews

It’s Holiday Blog Tag time, where if you get tagged by another blogger you write five things most people don’t know about you and then tag five others so they can do the same. I’ve been tagged several times over the past week so I give in.. here’s my 5 Things: I worked for Publisher’s […]

Spammer vs. Spammer: Outing Competitors via Referrer Spam

Some time ago in SEO Secret I joked that modern day “SEO” was ratting out your competitors to Google (click on the turtle). Nowadays some blogs make a living mocking spammers and poking at the beast that is search engine spam. Lately, referrer spam is taking off as a way to get the attention of […]

Hoovers Spam

When you have a huge database, you should find yourself with tons of opportunity to optimize your data for search engine exposure. You publish some of it according to best web publishing practices, with an eye on the competitive nature of the search engine results pages (aka SEO).  But what if you don’t want to […]

Ted Leonsis

The Ted Leonsis pages are moving along, but these pages seem to need some help: Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis

SEO Job from Hell: Ranking a Pharmacy

So how does one rank a pharmacy web site? There is so much pharmacy spam, a regular pharmacy (or pharmacist) can’t hope to rise above the noise. There is so much pharmacy blog spam, a pharmacist blogger is assigned nofollow whenever she comments on a blog. There are so many pharmacy splogs.. most ranking, relevant blogs […]

The Fundamentals

No, it’s not a band. It’s a set of basic elements that every web business needs to have covered. And Lee Odden does a nice job of setting them out on the YPN Signal to Noise blog this week “Getting your website noticed“. It may seem basic, but read it again because I can guarantee even […]

Google Click Fraud Subsidized by AdSense Publishers?

A Google click fraud employee has posted on his blog a correction of what Andy beal said he said: Yesterday, Andy Beal posted a detailed story on Google and click fraud, in which I was quoted as saying that Google’s click fraud rate is less than 2%. Did I really say that? Not quite….Specifically, I […]

Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation ( Hot Steamy Erotica and MORE…

A few months ago, Google bought Youtube. It was a big story, with a $1.5+ BILLION dollar transaction. Millions of people had heard of YouTube, and hundreds of thousands used it often. Now HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS would hear about YouTube. At least tens of thousands would type it into the location bar every day, to […]

Sitemaps is for Sissies

I just watched the WebProNews interview with Vanessa Fox (via TheBuzzBox), where Rand Fishkin asked Vanessa about Sitemaps. Basically, Dave Naylor said sitemaps is for SEO sissies, and Rand wanted to know if Dave is right (or something like that). Vanessa seemed to agree with Dave Naylor: you don’t need to use sitemaps if your ok […]

Andy Beal and Google: Think Happy Thoughts

I don’t know Any Beal, but I just read his “exclusive” report about Google’s click fraud being “less than 2%“. I think Andy Beal has been drinking too much Gool-Aide™. The “report” reads like a combination of informercial and Google Press Release. Think Happy Thoughts: Click Fraud is not a problem. Promotional language aside, the “report” is […]

Google’s in a Hurry to Pick the Low Hanging Fruit

At Pubcon in Las Vegas I wore a badge around my neck that was different from everyone else. I made up a bright red SEO business card with SEO big and bold on it, and inserted one into the plastic sleeve of my Pubcon badge. Where everyone else walked around with all white 3×4 paper badges […]

Google TrustRank drops another point

The Google TrustRank in this case is OUR trust in Google. And MY trust in Google has dipped to a new low after I stumbled upon the Vaitman translations web site. Sponsored by Google, the Vaitman site is very, very deep and Google has indexed 156,000 pages of the main domain, not counting subdomains. The […]

SEO Vanity: Staring at Yourself in the Mirror Every Day

Some time ago I mentioned the importance of SERP review and analysis, and even offered to cover some SERP review on this blog. I haven’t forgotten, but that project grew into something a bit more interesting and will take a bit more time to get posted. In the mean time, I was just reminded again […]

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Check out the SERP Google gave me for “long tail of search”. And check out the Sponsored Ad on the top right. It says “Why PPC?” Duh. Honestly, folks, you can’t make this stuff up if you try.  


RSS is the new search, but it is still a ways off from the GoldRush status of today’s SEO. Everybody and his brother is an SEO these days, but while anybody can have WordPress and an RSS reader, not everybody knows enough about RSS to optimize it. RSS optimization for marketing is exciting and very, […]

Chasing (the long) Tail: Competing Quietly at PubCon

IncrediBill tried to blackmail me today with a picture from Pubcon, and then it showed up on the debut of SearchEngineLand. Mid-way down the page, that’s me in the unflattering pose, chatting stage-side with the very personable Vanessa Fox. Note that I am chatting with The Vanessa Fox, Google search engineer and product manager for […]

Bellingham, WA area Restaurant Reviews

Search Google for “restaurants 98225” and you expect to find reviews of restaurants in and around Bellingham, Washington. There is a major university here, at least one Zagat rated restaurant on the waterfront (as if that meant anything), and many local cuisine options including some really good ones like Craig Miller’s Slow Food restaurant on […]