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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Merry Christmas to Ted Leonsis

Yes, you read that right. Merry Christmas to Ted. I don’t do SEO contests, but this one has been special so I played along. And I have learned about Ted Leonsis in the process. Ted rose to the top of AOL (not my favorite company) and stayed there (not something I usually respect). And along the way […]

Wiki Sorry and Competitive Webmasters

It’s a slow news week so we’ve all read about how the Wikipedia founder plans to launch a new search engine (along with that uses a “community of trust” to serve up relevant results. According to that wikipedia guy, as reported in many places, “Google is very good at many types of search, but […]

Jason Calcanis: From Now On, Links are Everything

Second title of this post is : Read My Lips: Content is King Third Title of this post is : Google Can’t Read: Rich Navigation and the Return of Link Power With the growth of asynchronous web technologies like what is commonly called AJAX, comes a new form of “rich navigation”. Rich Navigation is navigation supplemented […]