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Monthly Archives: December 2006

The Fundamentals

No, it’s not a band. It’s a set of basic elements that every web business needs to have covered. And Lee Odden does a nice job of setting them out on the YPN Signal to Noise blog this week “Getting your website noticed“. It may seem basic, but read it again becauseĀ I can guarantee even […]

Google Click Fraud Subsidized by AdSense Publishers?

A Google click fraud employee has posted on his blog a correction of what Andy beal said he said: Yesterday, Andy Beal posted a detailed story on Google and click fraud, in which I was quoted as saying that Google’s click fraud rate is less than 2%. Did I really say that? Not quite….Specifically, I […]

Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation ( Hot Steamy Erotica and MORE…

A few months ago, Google bought Youtube. It was a big story, with a $1.5+ BILLION dollar transaction. Millions of people had heard of YouTube, and hundreds of thousands used it often. Now HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS would hear about YouTube. At least tens of thousands would type it into the location bar every day, to […]