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Monthly Archives: January 2007

SEO Is Easy: Half-Baked Marketing Crap Part II

Why do we blog? No, not because of Google. try again. Why did we start blogging? Ahhh… there ya go. We started blogging because we were writing about what we were doing. Because placing our stuff into context was satisfying for us. Telling the other side of the story was therapeutic. It was the rest […]

SEO Is Easy: So You Say You’re A Wedding Planner… where are Your Weddings?

You say you’re a wedding planner, and your site talks all around weddings. But where are your weddings? You say you’re a musician, and your site talks all around your music, but where are your songs? You say you’re a vaccuum cleaner salesperson, and you talk all about Hoovering, but where are your Hoovers? You […]

Why I Love PPC “Arbitragers”

I love AdWords/AdSense arbitrage. It’s the greatest thing to happen to SEO since Florida. Everyone knows from experience that PPC basically stinks as a traffic source. Sure it can be good traffic, but when it is it suddenly becomes expensive traffic. And when it isn’t, it very slowly becomes inexpensive traffic, and most likely expensive […]