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Monthly Archives: January 2007

SEO Is Easy: Half-Baked Marketing Crap Part II

Why do we blog? No, not because of Google. try again. Why did we start blogging? Ahhh… there ya go. We started blogging because we were writing about what we were doing. Because placing our stuff into context was satisfying for us. Telling the other side of the story was therapeutic. It was the rest […]

SEO Is Easy: So You Say You’re A Wedding Planner… where are Your Weddings?

You say you’re a wedding planner, and your site talks all around weddings. But where are your weddings? You say you’re a musician, and your site talks all around your music, but where are your songs? You say you’re a vaccuum cleaner salesperson, and you talk all about Hoovering, but where are your Hoovers? You […]

Why I Love PPC “Arbitragers”

I love AdWords/AdSense arbitrage. It’s the greatest thing to happen to SEO since Florida. Everyone knows from experience that PPC basically stinks as a traffic source. Sure it can be good traffic, but when it is it suddenly becomes expensive traffic. And when it isn’t, it very slowly becomes inexpensive traffic, and most likely expensive […]

Dear Googler: You’re likely Millions Richer, but any Smarter?

Okay so this post is really about Matt Cutts, but to be fair, it’s not personal. As an SEO/Compettive Webmaster, I’ve been working with Google for at least as long as Matt has, and we are all growed up now. Matt’s likely millions richer than he was when we started. But is he any smarter? I just read this post on […]

Who needs SEO? Who needs a Competitive Advantage? Zen Cart users.

I just emerged from 3 hours of Zen Cart optimization. Zen Cart is a popular, open-source shopping cart. It’s truly amazing in capability, but like many Open Source projects it is heavily “technical”. I have to give credit to the Zen cart community, however, because the template system is coming along nicely, such that Zen […]

Cloaking Google like a Lemming

And then a trap door opened, and one after the other the lemmings fell down the hole. So fascinated were they with the idea of following the lemming in front of them, they were unable to recognize their impending doom until it was too late. I don’t advocate cloaking Google. But I was asked by […]

Why SEO Sucks

There is a reason why SEO sucks for many, many people. It seems SEO is HATED even, in many cases. I usually ignore that SEO Hater stuff because many, many people don’t really understand what SEO is, and some people like to foster SEO F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt… the same stuff that sells backup systems […]

Search Engines Hijack Commercial Traffic

Sub-titled: “Rank for Your Own Domain: More Important Every Day” A friend called yesterday with a concern. She no longer appeared for her own company (domain) in Microsoft Live. (By the way, she called it Microsoft “Live” as in the verb, “to live“. Pity Microsoft). After a brief discussion to determine exactly where she was looking […]

For Sale: My Undivided Attention

See John’s Undivided Attention. And for the budget conscious, there’s John’s Divided Attention.

Google SERP Madness for New Jersey Web Design Firm

Some time ago I commented on the status of New Jersey Web Design in Google. I also found what appears to be a perfect example of a New Jersey web design firm in the website. I have gotten to know Allie and Hans at CyberXDesigns, and they are very high quality, and almost more […]

To Rank in Google, Be Specific: To Blog Spam, Be Generic.

Most of us get tons of blog spam. Akismet does a good job of dumping most of it, but it’s based on human input. What if the humans are wrong? Well, 53,200 “people” have left this blog spam in place on their blogs because, like a good horoscope, it’s so generic it just about seems […] : A Windfall for ?

Yes, it’s UTube vs. all over again, except this time the beneficiary of our broken domain name system is a parked page domain name monetizer, Eastwind Groups, Ltd. According to CNET, The two Danes want people hungry for Internet entertainment to roost at Joost. Company executives had referred to the new company for months […]

WordPress Themes for SEO

A long time ago I commented about how open source projects were fodder for covert embedded “SEO” content. Back then, a few WordPress themes included back links, but the opportunity suggested it could get much worse. It has. I just upgraded my WordPress to 2.0.6 because of some stupid pirate. I would have preferred to […]

Black Hat vs. White Hat vs. Grey Hat SEO: The Definitive Guide

Let’s face it: as long as there is a logical-sounding, convenient (useful) label floating around, it will get used and mis-used. That is the story of “Black Hat SEO” and “White Hat SEO”. They are poor quality labels, poorly-defined (in practice), yet so easily “understood” and so convenient that they persist… year after year. Personally […]

So There: I posted about Shoemoney. Pfffft.

Until now, I have never had a reason to post about Jeremy over at I poked some fun early on, of course, on the SEO Secrets page, but nothing Jermey posted every caused me to write. I even had a conversation with an “SEO Loser” about meeting people at PubCon, where I said I […]

Competitive Thinking: Do You Google Your Customers?

Do you Google your customers? Why not? Maybe it’s part of competitive webmastering. I enjoy working with ecommerce websites, especially when they are either 1. Really Big or 2. Really Small.  When they are BIG, they have people paying attention to things like conversion rates and proper split testing, and can accomplish things I might suggest, like […]

Another Vanity SEO Service, and One Guy Who Gets It

Well, yet another Vanity SEO Service has made the Web 2 dot oh circuit. This time it’s Ziki, and it’s the same again. “Hey Kids, you can own your own name in Google by signing onto our servers and building pages all about YOU (which we will monetize later when we own your name in Google)”. […]

Google Spiders Javascript and CSS files? Of course…

There’s an active debate about Google’s spider requesting CSS files, and a (baseless?) suggestion that it may be looking for hidden text. I suppose this is a slow news day? Google wants to “organize the world’s information” and will request from your web server whatever it wants. Google says it follows a strictly proper robots.txt […]

16 Reasons People Hate SEOs

Todd posted “Top 16 reasons People Hate SEOs” and I thought it worthy of comment. First, I know people “hate” SEO because there are people out there branding them with the thought that SEOs are “hated” (like, um… Todd). Second, isn’t it funny how Todd titled his post “top 16 reasons” and not “16 reasons”? […]

John Andrews is Quitting SEO! Let me Tell You Why….

This is going to sound a little weird, but I’M QUITTING THE INTERNET. That’s right, completely walking away from the greatest world-changing invention of the century and perhaps all time. The bottom line is, I’m closing my SEO consulting business and closing down all of my sites… but the reason why might really surprise you. […]

Does Matt Cutt’s Think Google is Evil, or just Civilized?

Matt Cutts has posted a lengthy bit on the issue of Google being Evil. He says that internally, Google is a “polite, concensus-driven company”. Google the organization in many ways mirrors the character of its employees. Google is a very polite, consensus-driven company. Usually if you get everyone in the same room and everyone explains their […]

Click and Believe – Ringtone Cash, Dating Sites, Etc.

A friend jettisoned by the starving real estate market is now getting started in Internet marketing, and today he asked me how people make money on the web. I was instantly tired. Nothing else in this world has such an immediate fatiguing impact on me. It’s like that question is kryptonite. Oh well. It was […]