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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Dear Googler: You’re likely Millions Richer, but any Smarter?

Okay so this post is really about Matt Cutts, but to be fair, it’s not personal. As an SEO/Compettive Webmaster, I’ve been working with Google for at least as long as Matt has, and we are all growed up now. Matt’s likely millions richer than he was when we started. But is he any smarter? I just read this post on […]

Who needs SEO? Who needs a Competitive Advantage? Zen Cart users.

I just emerged from 3 hours of Zen Cart optimization. Zen Cart is a popular, open-source shopping cart. It’s truly amazing in capability, but like many Open Source projects it is heavily “technical”. I have to give credit to the Zen cart community, however, because the template system is coming along nicely, such that Zen […]

Cloaking Google like a Lemming

And then a trap door opened, and one after the other the lemmings fell down the hole. So fascinated were they with the idea of following the lemming in front of them, they were unable to recognize their impending doom until it was too late. I don’t advocate cloaking Google. But I was asked by […]