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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Why SEO Sucks

There is a reason why SEO sucks for many, many people. It seems SEO is HATED even, in many cases. I usually ignore that SEO Hater stuff because many, many people don’t really understand what SEO is, and some people like to foster SEO F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt… the same stuff that sells backup systems […]

Search Engines Hijack Commercial Traffic

Sub-titled: “Rank for Your Own Domain: More Important Every Day” A friend called yesterday with a concern. She no longer appeared for her own company (domain) in Microsoft Live. (By the way, she called it Microsoft “Live” as in the verb, “to live“.┬áPity Microsoft). After a brief discussion to determine exactly where she was looking […]

For Sale: My Undivided Attention

See John’s Undivided Attention. And for the budget conscious, there’s John’s Divided Attention.