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Monthly Archives: January 2007

WordPress Themes for SEO

A long time ago I commented about how open source projects were fodder for covert embedded “SEO” content. Back then, a few WordPress themes included back links, but the opportunity suggested it could get much worse. It has. I just upgraded my WordPress to 2.0.6 because of some stupid pirate. I would have preferred to […]

Black Hat vs. White Hat vs. Grey Hat SEO: The Definitive Guide

Let’s face it: as long as there is a logical-sounding, convenient (useful) label floating around, it will get used and mis-used. That is the story of “Black Hat SEO” and “White Hat SEO”. They are poor quality labels, poorly-defined (in practice), yet so easily “understood” and so convenient that they persist… year after year. Personally […]

So There: I posted about Shoemoney. Pfffft.

Until now, I have never had a reason to post about Jeremy over at I poked some fun early on, of course, on the SEO Secrets page, but nothing Jermey posted every caused me to write. I even had a conversation with an “SEO Loser” about meeting people at PubCon, where I said I […]