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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Where the REAL Money is in SEO

Rand over at SEOMoz posted a set of salary estimates for SEO people. I understand the marketing value of having an “SEO Salary” post, but I don’t see the point for people working in SEO. If you have to argue about your salary level using outside references, you need Challenger Gray & Christmas or Robert […]

ReviewMe gets a little Shmarter: Better than A Press Release

ReviewMe is a service for sponsoring product and service reviews by bloggers. You pick your property (someone’s blog) from the many, many blogs in the system. Each blog has a fee (less than most insertion fees out there in PR/advertising world) based on popularity and traffic measures. The blogger decides whether or not to highlight […]

Don’t Let Web 2.0 Fuzzy Focus Blur Your Competitive Business Vision

My first job was as an engineering tech for a small electronic instrument manufacturer. The company actually made things here in the US of A, by hand. They bought boxes of screws, drilled holes in sheets of beautifully-painted metal, and manufactured scientific instruments from the ground up. I put them together. Later, I was hired […]

A Dream within A Dream

What am I, a mind reader?

The Internet *IS* Everything

In TheBeginning, the Internet was new and different, and “computer people” used it. Steve Chase spammed it and built AOL by getting us “computer people” to tell everybody else to go get an AOL account (so we didn’t have to help them “get online”). Eventually, the Internet became everything to those of us who knew […]

External Validation…. $5

I’ve decided to offer a new service called It’s like Yahoo Research and Google Answers and wikipedia, because it basically answers your questions using Internet information. You ask a question, and the service checks the internet, compiles and answer, and spits it back to you authoritatively. No “if’s”, no “might be” and no “some […]

The Secret Side of SEO

Of all of my readers, I most enjoy Natasha Robinson. Honestly, I think it’s the name…. Natasha… that exotic beauty from Rocky And BullWinkle. Natasha Fatale is one of those overly-managed “properties” in cartoon world, so no graphic here, but she is described by her “manager” Classic Media as follows: Natasha Fatale, the female counterpart to Boris […]

Is it really Search Engine Optimization if ….

There is so much debate about SEO today, I kind of wonder why so many SEO thinkers are not busier with their SEO. It might be because they are comfortably at the top of the SERPs, unchallenged and therefore idle. It may also be because they are SEO Salespeople, and their SEO staffs are full-up […]

This is my TV

Lest there remain any doubt about it, I turned off my TV 3 years ago, I pay Comcast for my Internet access (but don’t get cable television), and this is my TV.

Help Preserve the A List from Nasty SEO Types

I don’t follow blogging much. It doesn’t really matter in the real world, actually. But I understand there is an “A” list of bloggers who promote each other, refer to each other, and help maintain the notion of exclusivity in the blogging portion of the web. I can’t profess to know who is “A” list […]

Nintendo DS Lite: Super Mario World 8, Level 7 8

Just thought I’d let you know where I’m at. Update: for those looking for Super Mario hints.

I Love Short Posts.

They can be so productive.                        

Google Gets Personal and Trusts You

Google, the Greatest Search Engine of All Time, has ramped up it’s exploitation of insider knowledge, and increased it’s personalization of the Google results. If you have a Google account, you will see a set of search results that has probably been “adjusted” just for YOU. Not everyone likes this idea. A combination of actions […]