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Monthly Archives: February 2007

The Secret Side of SEO

Of all of my readers, I most enjoy Natasha Robinson. Honestly, I think it’s the name…. Natasha… that exotic beauty from Rocky And BullWinkle. Natasha Fatale is one of those overly-managed “properties” in cartoon world, so no graphic here, but she is described by her “manager” Classic Media as follows: Natasha Fatale, the female counterpart to Boris […]

Is it really Search Engine Optimization if ….

There is so much debate about SEO today, I kind of wonder why so many SEO thinkers are not busier with their SEO. It might be because they are comfortably at the top of the SERPs, unchallenged and therefore idle. It may also be because they are SEO Salespeople, and their SEO staffs are full-up […]

This is my TV

Lest there remain any doubt about it, I turned off my TV 3 years ago, I pay Comcast for my Internet access (but don’t get cable television), and this is my TV.