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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Google Finds Unregistered Whois Data

A few weeks back I was Matt Cutts Watching when I noticed he was participating in a Law Bloggers meeting. Mental note made; move on. Now I see Matt report from his blog about the Bay Area Blawgers meeting. Best bit: Matt notes how the US Copyright Office houses a database of domain names associated […]

SMX Advanced Seattle Search Marketing Expo

Updated: See Seattle SMX post Updated: The SMX Advanced Seattle 2007 Agenda has been updated. One interesting thing I did not see before: Matt Cutts and Michael Gray on the same panel, discussing Google’s use of personalization, considering whether or not it is a threat to webmasters….. Hmm…. that could get colorful. I suppose it’s […]

Matt Cutts MFA Splog

I’m not sure why someone thinks that Matt Cutts’ blog content is good splog fodder. SEO and webmastering don’t generally monetize at the top of the earnings charts for PPC, and without attribution to Matt, you don’t get the Matt Cutts name on there for poularity either. Maybe this full-text reproduction of Matt Cutts blog […]

“Brett Tabke Hates Me”

“I had people come up to me at Pubcon and ask me why I was not a speaker. I told them its cause Brett Tabke hates me.” – Jeremy Shoemoney on his blog. Wow. I loved that comment! It’s classic for SEO world. Looking past the obvious “come on Brett, can’t we make nice” aspect […]

SEM Scholarship – Show Me Your Links

The “SEM Scholarship” contest has been announced, and this year the no-cash-value prize is described as “worth more than $10,000”. I’ll refrain from critiquing the assignment of dollar value to things like “One month of industry coaching and training from search marketing expert Andy Beal” and “The winner’s article will be published in the industry […]

Where are the Contextual Job Listings?

I write a blog post about PHP, and in the sidebar should be a link roll of PHP jobs. I write about SEO and in the sidebar should be a link roll of internet marketing jobs. If I were hiring a web designer, I would target a beautifully rich long tail of attractors for my […]

I expected Matt to be Smarter than That

Matt over at WordPress posted “Selling Links” which goes across syndication with this starting paragraph: “Let’s face it, we’re selling links here. Call it ‘buzz’ all you want, but it boils down to selling links. That skews Google’s index and they’ve come out against that quite publicly. If we’re all given the freedom to disclose […]


Update March 2010: Google has advanced in its plan to impose new technical methods on webmasters in order to make AJAX accessible. In a new tutorial, the Google team describes a process of tagging URLs such that Google recognizes they utilize callback functions for dynamic content loading, and outlines an “HTML snapshot” method of presenting […]

SEO: Not Ready for Video

A bunch of SEO types got together to demonstrate the poor quality of video blogging in SEO land today. They were right.. varying audio levels, sync problems, generally horrible production values all around. One was obviously scripted; the other two obviously not scripted. Not sure what the plan is besides link bait for a slow news […]

SEO as International Minutia Dealer

I spend a lot of time on the minutia of web publishing. I also work for International clients. Since most of what I do is minutia for International clients, I recently referred to myself as an “International Minutia Dealer” and the poor lady next to me in the group acted shocked and said “I think […]

I take it back: You Don’t Know Who You Are

Sometimes I post a rant-like blog post that includes the statement “you know who you are“. Sometimes it’s an “I told you so” rant (someone didn’t listen, and is suffering as a consequence). Sometimes it’s a pity rant (someone doesn’t seem to be listening, and is heading for trouble, and I can’t help any more). Sometimes […]

My Little ThinkPad Power Cord Problem

There are a few premium brands I buy, which have determined themselves to be “premium”. It has nothing to do with advertising or marketing, user testimonials or price. They are premium because of performance, under the real-world test of my ownership. One of them is the IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad notebook. In the final year of my […]

Failing Cheaper: Good for Who?

Josh Kopelman from First Round Capital blogged “Failing Cheaper” which makes some very good points. It is cheaper these days to try a new business idea. It is easier to try and then fail than ever before. He says the role of seed funding is to validate or disprove the working business hypothesis, so as […]

I need an Award Program so I can Win Too

I just read a statement about a site winning a “best” award. It was in Marketing. It wasn’t the best. There’s no way it was the “best”. So I looked further. I saw another “award winner” for “best” from that same Awards Program. It was Best Advertising Network. It went to AdBright.  Huh? Okay so […]

You Must Be Logged In To Comment: Reverse Quality Control for Blogs

I rarely “subscribe” to blogs. It seems wrong to me. If a blog welcomes comments, then I can comment. If it doesn’t welcome comments, so be it; it’s one-way communication. But to welcome comments, but only from “subscribers”? Apparently that’s a kin to filtering the participant pool for quality — in reverse. Once you limit to subscribers […]

If you won’t listen to me, maybe your customers will?

Hey BigDesignFirm. Yeah, you… the one listing all those Fortune1000 clients on your website. The same one that wouldn’t listen to our SEO guidelines during development, because SEO just gets in the way of the BigFatFollow-On PPC contracts you like to sell your clients when their BrandSpankinNewFlashyWebsites don’t get any traffic. I’m talkin’ to YOU. If […]

Platinax Internet

This is a sponsored review. Platinax went through broker ReviewMe to ask if I would review the Platinax small business / entrepreneur web site. I agreed for a few reasons. First, I recognize Brian Turner from a few SEO forums, and my recollection is he’s a positive guy who often speaks directly, which I like […]

Two Routes to Online Success

One uses a lot of words to make the point (and no coincidence, gets paid for engaging the user in reading lots of stuff about stuff). The other uses few, but choice words to deliver the same message (and, not coincidentally, earns his keep by doing stuff). Pick your poison:    

GoDaddy Has A Problem

GoDaddy has an increasingly serious reputation management problem. It’s been building for years. It seems that each year there are more frequent and more serious complaints about GoDaddy as a registrar, and these days it is reaching epic proportions. Web HOSTING was always the big problem before, but I suppose because of that we have all learned […]

Competitive Webmastering: I Can’t Beat This Wiki Guy

I don’t believe in the word CAN’T because it implies that one can predict the future. To know that you CAN’T do something is to accept a static future; to deny change. It suggests fate. I deny fate. And so, I deny the word CAN’T based simply on the fact that one can’t ever know […]

2-2-2 Every Day

It started as an exercise in personal improvement. One of those Entrepreneur things.  A Basic Plan of Action. A way to get it done. One time it was about getting out of a career rut:  Every day 2 calls, 2 letters, and 2 questions. Two calls to old contacts to get in touch and see what […]

Dynamic Converter js Solution for Currency Conversion

This is a sponsored post. Not an advertisement, because I am not being paid to promote it. See the difference? The company went through ReviewMe to bring this to my attention. ReviewMe asked me to review it, and I accepted this one because I found it met my criteria: Dynamic Converter is something competitive webmasters would use Dynamic […]

Parked Page Blindness

I wanted to go to to check on the recent Thinkpad battery recall. I intended to type in L-E-N-O-V-O-.-C-O-M but I guess I missed cause I got a parked page. So I did it again… same parked page. Argh. So I did T-H-I-N-K-P-A-D-.-C-O-M knowing it would redirect to Lenovo’s ThinkPad website, but I GOT […]