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Monthly Archives: March 2007

I expected Matt to be Smarter than That

Matt over at WordPress posted “Selling Links” which goes across syndication with this starting paragraph: “Let’s face it, we’re selling links here. Call it ‘buzz’ all you want, but it boils down to selling links. That skews Google’s index and they’ve come out against that quite publicly. If we’re all given the freedom to disclose […]


Update March 2010: Google has advanced in its plan to impose new technical methods on webmasters in order to make AJAX accessible. In a new tutorial, the Google team describes a process of tagging URLs such that Google recognizes they utilize callback functions for dynamic content loading, and outlines an “HTML snapshot” method of presenting […]

SEO: Not Ready for Video

A bunch of SEO types got together to demonstrate the poor quality of video blogging in SEO land today. They were right.. varying audio levels, sync problems, generally horrible production values all around. One was obviously scripted; the other two obviously not scripted. Not sure what the plan is besides link bait for a slow news […]