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Monthly Archives: April 2007

XAMPP Security Vulnerability – Have A Safe Weekend

If you don’t watch the mailing list you might not know, so if you use XAMPP for dev work on Windows, check out the security warning today.

It’s the client! Get the Search Guy on the phone…

Looking at notes from SES NY, I came across a discussion of how Agencies employ people like me for their search expertise, yet don’t always know how to handle that “secret” when dealing with the client. Do they allow transparency, telling the client they have a search guy on board, or do they pretend to […]

Hook Humility: Matt Cutts Got Me This Time

I love to compete, but I don’t hate to lose. I love to see challengers challenge, and winners win. This time, via clever but admittedly deserved hook-humility, Matt has set himself above the crowd once again. Kudos to Matt Cutts; he’s right. Background: Hook-Humility is that age old trick of saying something humble just to […]