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Monthly Archives: April 2007

XAMPP Security Vulnerability – Have A Safe Weekend

If you don’t watch the mailing list you might not know, so if you use XAMPP for dev work on Windows, check out the security warning today.

It’s the client! Get the Search Guy on the phone…

Looking at notes from SES NY, I came across a discussion of how Agencies employ people like me for their search expertise, yet don’t always know how to handle that “secret” when dealing with the client. Do they allow transparency, telling the client they have a search guy on board, or do they pretend to […]

Hook Humility: Matt Cutts Got Me This Time

I love to compete, but I don’t hate to lose. I love to see challengers challenge, and winners win. This time, via clever but admittedly deserved hook-humility, Matt has set himself above the crowd once again. Kudos to Matt Cutts; he’s right. Background: Hook-Humility is that age old trick of saying something humble just to […]

Forum owner: Don’t speak as me in 1st Person. Thaaaaanks.

This is a crazy environment, this Internet, but let’s not get too crazy, ‘k? I was gazing in amazement at the current Web Too land grab on proper names, noticing how many dozens of “companies” are now optimizing their pages for their users’ proper names, when I came across this post by someone named John […]

How to Build Your Twitter Friends List – Part One

Acquire or re-jeuvenate your ADHD (consult your doctor before discontinuing your meds, please). Sign up with Twitter. Post a Twitter Badge to your blog (see my sidebar), connect your IM to Twitter, or ask your bank to boost your credit line and connect Twitter to your cell phone text message account. Ask people to be […]

Is “anti-Google”?

Jill Whalen recently commented here that I was coming across as “anti-Google”. She used the word propaganda to describe the way I reported on the combination of Matt Cutt’s assignment of the spam label to sponsored links, and Google buying DoubleClick. That surprised me, but it also caused me to self-reflect: has become anti-Google? […]

A “Market for Lemons”, a Nobel Prize, and Snake Oil SEO

As a commercial competitor, I seek to understand my markets. If I can understand what the market is doing, I can position myself and my clients profitably. If I can understand how the market reacts, I can interpret my competitor’s activities in light of their likely performance in the market. In other words, I can […]

Blog Silence? What a Waste.

In my WordPress dashboard I saw a mention of “One Day Blog Silence”. I followed the link, and saw a page promoting a “day of blog silence” in honor of those touched by the Virginia Tech tragedy. What a waste. The blog world doesn’t need silence. The families and friends of those killed and injured […]

Google Buys DoubleClick, Announces Penalties for Non-Google Advertising

In a one-two punch sending many web masters reeling, Google has announced it is buying dominant Internet advertising system DoubleClick for more than $3 billion dollars, and deploying new algorithms designed to penalize web sites that accept paid advertising outside of the Google advertising network. In light of this action by Internet search behemoth Google, […]

Matt Cutts: “designed by” Links Will Hurt You in Google

Does your web design firm “require” a link on your web site, back to their web site? According to Matt Cutts, the Google Quality/Spam team manager, those back links will now be detected and labeled by Google as “search engine spam”, and your site will suffer in the search rankings. Matt doesn’t give a time […] is the new

I get unsolicited solicitations from search marketing companies all the time. Lately, they come with gmail addresses. I wonder if the gmail address is the new AOL address? We used to joke, “nothing says professional like an AOL email address” and these days I’m thinking the same thing about gmail. What I think when I […]

Building a Better Business Forum

Brian over at Platinax Business Forum followed up on his use of ReviewMe for marketing. This blog was one of the blogs asked to review Platinax. In the follow-up forum discussion, Brian says this about Platinax: I personally consider Platinax a successful failure – it is successful because it is profitable, but a failure […]

Advanced SEO, Apache Bug, and Google

Continuing on the concept of “advanced SEO“, I am today marveling at the collision of Apache web server and SEO. It is finally happening, and it is about time. Continuing on the concept of SEOs Dealing in Minutia, I am also marveling at how this small problem with Apache has gone un-noticed for so long […]

Does “Advanced SEO” Even Exist?

I recently referred to some aspects of SEO as “advanced SEO” and Jill Whalen commented that she didn’t think any SEO could be “advanced” SEO. When I sit in a session at PubCon, the “SEO” panelists repeatedly say things like “you need to make your title tags unique” and “your non-www needs to 301 to […]

Marketing Experiments free A/B Split Testing Tool: Why Google?

[Update 4/6/07]: The noted artifact has been removed from the web page mentioned. I have no idea why. Search marketing is an interesting field for sure. Everyday we get to spend up to half of our time learning, and it’s almost always goal-oriented learning. I find it immensely satisfying. Of course the more you learn […]

Denver Mortgage: Can SEO Keep Google Honest?

Everyone knows Google defines the web experience for Internet surfers today. Everyone also knows Google defined search relevance (the quality that determines which pages rank for specific Google searches) based on linking, such that web pages getting linked from other sites, on specific topics, earn relevance for that topic in the Google index. Alot has […]