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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Forum owner: Don’t speak as me in 1st Person. Thaaaaanks.

This is a crazy environment, this Internet, but let’s not get too crazy, ‘k? I was gazing in amazement at the current Web Too land grab on proper names, noticing how many dozens of “companies” are now optimizing their pages for their users’ proper names, when I came across this post by someone named John […]

How to Build Your Twitter Friends List – Part One

Acquire or re-jeuvenate your ADHD (consult your doctor before discontinuing your meds, please). Sign up with Twitter. Post a Twitter Badge to your blog (see my sidebar), connect your IM to Twitter, or ask your bank to boost your credit line and connect Twitter to your cell phone text message account. Ask people to be […]

Is “anti-Google”?

Jill Whalen recently commented here that I was coming across as “anti-Google”. She used the word propaganda to describe the way I reported on the combination of Matt Cutt’s assignment of the spam label to sponsored links, and Google buying DoubleClick. That surprised me, but it also caused me to self-reflect: has become anti-Google? […]