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Monthly Archives: April 2007

A “Market for Lemons”, a Nobel Prize, and Snake Oil SEO

As a commercial competitor, I seek to understand my markets. If I can understand what the market is doing, I can position myself and my clients profitably. If I can understand how the market reacts, I can interpret my competitor’s activities in light of their likely performance in the market. In other words, I can […]

Blog Silence? What a Waste.

In my WordPress dashboard I saw a mention of “One Day Blog Silence”. I followed the link, and saw a page promoting a “day of blog silence” in honor of those touched by the Virginia Tech tragedy. What a waste. The blog world doesn’t need silence. The families and friends of those killed and injured […]

Google Buys DoubleClick, Announces Penalties for Non-Google Advertising

In a one-two punch sending many web masters reeling, Google has announced it is buying dominant Internet advertising system DoubleClick for more than $3 billion dollars, and deploying new algorithms designed to penalize web sites that accept paid advertising outside of the Google advertising network. In light of this action by Internet search behemoth Google, […]