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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Matt Cutts: “designed by” Links Will Hurt You in Google

Does your web design firm “require” a link on your web site, back to their web site? According to Matt Cutts, the Google Quality/Spam team manager, those back links will now be detected and labeled by Google as “search engine spam”, and your site will suffer in the search rankings. Matt doesn’t give a time […] is the new

I get unsolicited solicitations from search marketing companies all the time. Lately, they come with gmail addresses. I wonder if the gmail address is the new AOL address? We used to joke, “nothing says professional like an AOL email address” and these days I’m thinking the same thing about gmail. What I think when I […]

Building a Better Business Forum

Brian over at Platinax Business Forum followed up on his use of ReviewMe for marketing. This blog was one of the blogs asked to review Platinax. In the follow-up forum discussion, Brian says this about Platinax: I personally consider Platinax a successful failure – it is successful because it is profitable, but a failure […]