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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Advanced SEO, Apache Bug, and Google

Continuing on the concept of “advanced SEO“, I am today marveling at the collision of Apache web server and SEO. It is finally happening, and it is about time. Continuing on the concept of SEOs Dealing in Minutia, I am also marveling at how this small problem with Apache has gone un-noticed for so long […]

Does “Advanced SEO” Even Exist?

I recently referred to some aspects of SEO as “advanced SEO” and Jill Whalen commented that she didn’t think any SEO could be “advanced” SEO. When I sit in a session at PubCon, the “SEO” panelists repeatedly say things like “you need to make your title tags unique” and “your non-www needs to 301 to […]

Marketing Experiments free A/B Split Testing Tool: Why Google?

[Update 4/6/07]: The noted artifact has been removed from the web page mentioned. I have no idea why. Search marketing is an interesting field for sure. Everyday we get to spend up to half of our time learning, and it’s almost always goal-oriented learning. I find it immensely satisfying. Of course the more you learn […]