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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Client SEO is Harder Than Ever

There has always been debate about professional search engine optimizers’ motivations. Why would someone who could rank web pages at the top of Google offer to work as a consultant to others? A good SEO could make more money working for herself than for others, right? Not exactly. Just as in any other line of […]

More on New York Times and Good SEO

When I commented on the New York Times doing a good job optimizing content (see The New York Times Flexes its SEO Muscle“, I didn’t expect the bashing that followed in the so-called “SEO world”. Some said the New York Times was cheating, some said spamming, and there were many nagative comments. I think one […]

Google Universal Search

Google took a bold step today and announced a commitment to “universal search”. We’ve seen the vertical search “beta” programs for years.. Google local, Google maps, Google Financial, Google Video, Google Base, etc. Truth is, nobody uses them because everyone takes for granted that Google has already integrated everything they have into “google”. Don’t believe […]

Google’s Most Embarassing Moments

Prompted by Google’s public efforts to warn the world of evil lurking, I thought it might be interesting to highlight where Google could easily do more to protect the public. Let’s highlight some “low hangng fruit” for the good boys and girls of Google, should they care to improve SERP quality in the name of […]

Do The Right Thing

Anna Quindlen was quoted “I hate to write, but I love having written“. It reflects what many of us feel. Some other areas of competitive webmastering that fit Quindlen’s quip about writing: I hate to code, but I love to see my code run. I hate to blog, but I love having blogged. I hate […]

American Idol and SEO Baiting

Yes, I used “American Idol” and “SEO” in the same title. American Idol and SEO Baiting are the same game, successful for the same reasons. Some people know that, and exploit it. One of those exploiters is preparing a new assault on the market as we speak. Others are suggesting we ignore it. Allow me […]

Jill or Lisa?

Lisa Barone says SEO is in the details (“sweat the small stuff“) Jill Whalen says the details don’t matter (“don’t sweat the small SEO stuff“) Who is right? What matters in SEO is what gets you to the top spot. Not the second spot, or the third spot, but the top spot for which your […]

The New York Times flexes its SEO Muscle

We knew it was coming, and we knew the New York Times was “getting” SEO. And it didn’t take long. The King of Content is now dominating the Google SERPs across a wide swath of the keyword space, via the re-published, re-purposed, New York Times Archives. Each “article” is re-purposed on a clean, CSS-driven text […]

VW Search Spam: Just Good Design?

SearchEngineLand says VW is search spamming, because the site has a content area set via CSS to “invisible”. The main page itself loads in Flash, which they also note. Last I checked Flash was a visible medium. A visual display of data. In other words, invisible to people with disabilities. Other SEO people followed on […]

Focus: Yahoo! introduces Robots-nocontent attribute

I say FOCUS because that is what it helps you to do: focus the indexed content of your pages. Just when I thought Yahoo! was the most boring search engine, they introduce this interesting tool for content publishers. I have a few tests to reset, but I don’t mind. Yes it’s strange to use class attributes. Yes it’s […]