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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Google’s Most Embarassing Moments

Prompted by Google’s public efforts to warn the world of evil lurking, I thought it might be interesting to highlight where Google could easily do more to protect the public. Let’s highlight some “low hangng fruit” for the good boys and girls of Google, should they care to improve SERP quality in the name of […]

Do The Right Thing

Anna Quindlen was quoted “I hate to write, but I love having written“. It reflects what many of us feel. Some other areas of competitive webmastering that fit Quindlen’s quip about writing: I hate to code, but I love to see my code run. I hate to blog, but I love having blogged. I hate […]

American Idol and SEO Baiting

Yes, I used “American Idol” and “SEO” in the same title. American Idol and SEO Baiting are the same game, successful for the same reasons. Some people know that, and exploit it. One of those exploiters is preparing a new assault on the market as we speak. Others are suggesting we ignore it. Allow me […]