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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Negative SEO and Google Bowling

Forbes is running an article about something called Google Bowling, but they are calling it “negative SEO”. I’m not sure which I dislike more: SEO practitioners proudly (stupidly?) proclaiming their expertise at such things, or the press pandering to the public’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for garbage, even in the SEO space. Anyway Google Bowling is […]

ThreadWatch is for sale

ThreadWatch is for sale again. They have announced a limited time opportunity to buy it before they “turn it off” in 3 days. Classic all-in behavior from a classically macho web site. If it does go away, there’s plenty to talk about. I guess we have to wait and see…. Archives of SEO Discussions: John […]

SEO Wines and Japanese Incense

I do a fair amount of SEO work and often it seems the detail is endless, the volume of work remaining always immense, and the urgency just as reliably dramatic. So I have come to appreciate what I refer to as SEO Music, SEO Incense, and SEO Wine. These things calm the soul and soothe […]