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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Negative SEO and Google Bowling

Forbes is running an article about something called Google Bowling, but they are calling it “negative SEO”. I’m not sure which I dislike more: SEO practitioners proudly (stupidly?) proclaiming their expertise at such things, or the press pandering to the public’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for garbage, even in the SEO space. Anyway Google Bowling is […]

ThreadWatch is for sale

ThreadWatch is for sale again. They have announced a limited time opportunity to buy it before they “turn it off” in 3 days. Classic all-in behavior from a classically macho web site. If it does go away, there’s plenty to talk about. I guess we have to wait and see…. Archives of SEO Discussions: John […]

SEO Wines and Japanese Incense

I do a fair amount of SEO work and often it seems the detail is endless, the volume of work remaining always immense, and the urgency just as reliably dramatic. So I have come to appreciate what I refer to as SEO Music, SEO Incense, and SEO Wine. These things calm the soul and soothe […]

Jason Calcanis -1, Brian Provost +0, Michael Gray -2

I admitted I watched the video of Michael Gray and Brian Provost and some other dudes as “seo” guests on Jason Calcanis’ show. The pain still lingers, but after a few drinks I can score the participants in reputation points. For those who aren’t open source types, a meritocracy grants reputation karma based on participation. […]

I may never blog again.

I actually watched the video. I couldn’t believe my ears.

5 Basics of Writing “5 Basics” Articles for SEO

By popular demand, as the “10 ways” and “101 Steps” title approaches saturate, I present the 5 Basics of writing “5 Basics” posts to earn backlinks and web traffic. Of course, pay special attention to #5 on the list: Write it Today: Tomorrow may be too late, as everyone and his second cousin seems to […]

Everything in the Known Universe about Technorati Spam

I saw some news headline that Technorati traffic had increased a good deal over last year. About a half year or so ago I saw some SEO discussions about Technorati as a dead, useless, uninteresting waste of bandwidth. “Couldn’t those guys do something more innovative“, was the gist of the commentary. Well, Technorati stepped up […]

Online Reputation Management VooDoo

In a discussion in a search marketing forum known for it’s hardball approach to online marketing, a Social Media expert today suggested that reputation management might be traded for links. On the surface, that might not seem odd. But looking more closely…. I think it’s very interesting. As a search engine, Google values links, and […]

Buying Links from Anonymous Publishers : Poyfickly Leegull

This is the story of A Quandary. And it’s all Google’s fault. You need links. You already buy as many links as you can from Google, but you are tired of paying that middleman so you look out onto the web to buy direct from web publishers. An attempt to disintermediate Google, if you will. […]

Money Term or Money Terms? It depends…

I was at SMX Seattle and watching really really close to make sure I didn’t miss the “advanced” parts of the organic track. At one point an old time SEO speaker said something like “of course you want to go after the long tail, cause that’s where the money is” and I knew he was […]

Google Privacy: No Big Deal?

Hardly. Look how much time and effort is being spent on the Google Privacy report. Considering that any post about “Google” gets attention, considering that Danny Sullivan appears way earnest in his attempts to neutralize the Privacy International report card, and considering the scholarly debate ensuing in the comments, one has to wonder if this […]

Google: “endemic threat to privacy”

Life gets uglier for Google today (bold added): In a report released Saturday, London-based Privacy International assigned Google its lowest possible grade. The category is reserved for companies with “comprehensive consumer surveillance and entrenched hostility to privacy.“ Google had this to say: “We are disappointed with Privacy International’s report, which is based on numerous inaccuracies […]

Lawrence Lessig, Google, and Internet Commerce

Probably the last guy I want to argue with is Lawrence Lessig. The guy is clearly brilliant, and quite capable of making a case. And… he is known to be on the good side, behind major initiatives like the Creative Commons. But this time I have to disagree with Mr. Lessig and highlight what appears […]

Choosing a Projection Screen

It’s time to install a home theater and video game projection screen. I’ve been projecting against a white wall for a few years now, but the kids are spending more time at other kids’ houses and starting to complain about my less-than-stellar “projection wall”. I looked online and now I am starting to appreciate the […]

Bodum Pavina: Today’s Cure for Desk Boredom

Bored? Staring at yet another day of SEO from your desk or laptop, and less than thrilled with the idea? To much grunt work awaiting, so no time to explore and refresh the curiosity brain cells, yet feeling less than stellar in the productivity department due to that blah-zay boredom? Yeah, me too. Truth is, […]

Google is not an Algorithm: Google Imparts Intent

Back in November the big news from Pubcon was that Google imparts intent when evaluating a web site for “quality”. Matt Cutts had accepted an invitation to participate in an open review of web sites, and had done a whois lookup on a publisher as part of that process. While examining the web site presented […]