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June 21st, 2007 by john andrews

Jason Calcanis -1, Brian Provost +0, Michael Gray -2

I admitted I watched the video of Michael Gray and Brian Provost and some other dudes as “seo” guests on Jason Calcanis’ show. The pain still lingers, but after a few drinks I can score the participants in reputation points. For those who aren’t open source types, a meritocracy grants reputation karma based on participation. You’re only as good as your last post, that sort of thing. Anyway, +1 to support an idea (kinda like raising your hand to be counted as a supporter), +2 is ok if you’re genuinely excited (kind of like raising your hand *and* saying “oh! oh! oh!”), +0 means poo poo I expected better but at least you didn’t do any harm, and -1 means “NoNoNo”, “bad idea”, “no donuts”, and “can’t *anyone* do better than that?” . There is no minus 2, as that would be stoopid. -1 already means bad idea.

So how did the participants do today? Well, I have to say Jason Calcanis got a -1 because I truly disliked his ideas, his sense of the web, and his mannerisms. I honestly disagreed with just about everything he had to say, and that’s pretty rare for me. Then again, I never met him and never listened to him before (and never will again), so I don’t know what he’s normally like. Then again, that doesn’t matter either. So Jason Calcanis : -1

Brian Provost? I have to go neutral with a +0 for Brian. He didn’t do badly, but he didn’t execute either. The guy who defined Jason Calcanis as “Charlatan Douchebag” is soooooo obviously capable, I was seriously disappointed. Perhaps Brian was in someone’s pocket today, as Jason alluded to a threat-of-physical-violence thing from the past. Sad if true. But the “what year is your Viper” question….. ouch. Wait for it… it’s a set up… something from Brian about how 2001 kicked ass for Vipers in 5..4..3..2…1… nah. A trailing off “yeah.” What a let down! But Oh! Here’s a chance for a rebound, as Jason proudly proclaims himself a Corvette weenie and Brian comes back with…… nothing.

I’m borderline -1 for Brian but no matter how disappointed I might be that he missed an opportunity, I can’t cost him karma points for not having done anything. So it’s a +0 for Brian.

What about Gray Wolf? Michael, Michael, Michael. I can do no better than give Michael a -2 for pandering. Prove me wrong, kiddo… I would love to see it. But having Jason Calcanis call you the “Greatest SEO in the world“, and defer to you to confirm, and you say … what did you say? That you weren’t? That you weresurely not the greatest SEO in the world, that Rand Fishkin holds that title, or “ha ha good one Jason“? Noooooo.. as I recall you said something affirmative, like most popular SEO and maybe the greatest SEO in the world? Someone should re-watch the video but hell no, it won’t be me.

What about the other guys? Sorry, I didn’t listen to them. I was in too… much….pain.
Ouch. Painful day for SEO blog readers worldwide. At best I can hope to see redemption on Brain’s ScoreboardMedia blog because I will still read that one.

Funny I just noticed… Ted Leonis is rumored to be an investor in Jason. Ted Leonsis had called Michael to discuss the Ted Leonsis SEO Contest activities back in the day, and I think Michael redirected his posts after that. Ted Leonsis also called Brian back then, on the same matter of displeasure with the Ted Leonsis SEO contest. And the other guy… he was pro Ted Leonsis, wasn’t he? Didn’t he once work with Leonsis or Leonsis’ people? Did he get a call, too? Wow. Interesting coincidence. Is Jason Calcanis a Ted Leonsis puppet?? Sorry…. I digress.

So perhaps you wonder why this bothers me at all. Because of the hypocrasy. Plain and simple.

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June 21st, 2007 by john andrews

I may never blog again.

I actually watched the video. I couldn’t believe my ears.

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June 21st, 2007 by john andrews

5 Basics of Writing “5 Basics” Articles for SEO

By popular demand, as the “10 ways” and “101 Steps” title approaches saturate, I present the 5 Basics of writing “5 Basics” posts to earn backlinks and web traffic. Of course, pay special attention to #5 on the list:

  1. Write it Today: Tomorrow may be too late, as everyone and his second cousin seems to be publishing “5 Concepts” or “5 Principles” or “5 Basics” articles this week. Seriously. Don’t miss the bus, mmmmm-kay?
  2. Keep it Brief: The 5 Basics article is not a substitute for the 101 Ways article of yesterday. It’s really 5 basics. Just five. And Basic. Don’t waste a lot of time.
  3. Promote it Today: This goes with #1. Tick tock… it’s only unique for the next few days. Seriously. Everybody’s onto it already. What are you waiting for?
  4. Make it Very Specific: This is a secret, until now. The user expectation for a “5 Basics” article is very low… the reader wants to make sure they aren’t ignorant of the basics, hence they read. Many companies use this type of “5 Basics” article to attract less sophisticated potential customers. But readers won’t recommend a “5 Basics” article to someone else. So make it REAL SPECIFIC. Not only will your reader be more likely to pass it along, they will pass it very specifically to a matching target so you get higher quality links and referrals (Hey Janet, this is exactly what you need! “5 Basics of Appearing More Attractive to your husband than a Cold Six Pack” -lol)
  5. Link to This Article: In order for “5 Basics” articles to work, they have to have popular appeal. Who ever heard of “5 Basics” articles? Well, YOU have so start spreading the word! If everyone and his third cousin starts to recognize the importance of 5 Basics articles, they will work even better! So go back to Step 1 and START TODAY by linking to this article and writing your own “5 Basics” article.
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John Andrews is a mobile web professional and competitive search engine optimzer (SEO). He's been quietly earning top rank for websites since 1997. About John

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