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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Jason Calcanis -1, Brian Provost +0, Michael Gray -2

I admitted I watched the video of Michael Gray and Brian Provost and some other dudes as “seo” guests on Jason Calcanis’ show. The pain still lingers, but after a few drinks I can score the participants in reputation points. For those who aren’t open source types, a meritocracy grants reputation karma based on participation. […]

I may never blog again.

I actually watched the video. I couldn’t believe my ears.

5 Basics of Writing “5 Basics” Articles for SEO

By popular demand, as the “10 ways” and “101 Steps” title approaches saturate, I present the 5 Basics of writing “5 Basics” posts to earn backlinks and web traffic. Of course, pay special attention to #5 on the list: Write it Today: Tomorrow may be too late, as everyone and his second cousin seems to […]