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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Everything in the Known Universe about Technorati Spam

I saw some news headline that Technorati traffic had increased a good deal over last year. About a half year or so ago I saw some SEO discussions about Technorati as a dead, useless, uninteresting waste of bandwidth. “Couldn’t those guys do something more innovative“, was the gist of the commentary. Well, Technorati stepped up […]

Online Reputation Management VooDoo

In a discussion in a search marketing forum known for it’s hardball approach to online marketing, a Social Media expert today suggested that reputation management might be traded for links. On the surface, that might not seem odd. But looking more closely…. I think it’s very interesting. As a search engine, Google values links, and […]

Buying Links from Anonymous Publishers : Poyfickly Leegull

This is the story of A Quandary. And it’s all Google’s fault. You need links. You already buy as many links as you can from Google, but you are tired of paying that middleman so you look out onto the web to buy direct from web publishers. An attempt to disintermediate Google, if you will. […]