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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Money Term or Money Terms? It depends…

I was at SMX Seattle and watching really really close to make sure I didn’t miss the “advanced” parts of the organic track. At one point an old time SEO speaker said something like “of course you want to go after the long tail, cause that’s where the money is” and I knew he was […]

Google Privacy: No Big Deal?

Hardly. Look how much time and effort is being spent on the Google Privacy report. Considering that any post about “Google” gets attention, considering that Danny Sullivan appears way earnest in his attempts to neutralize the Privacy International report card, and considering the scholarly debate ensuing in the comments, one has to wonder if this […]

Google: “endemic threat to privacy”

Life gets uglier for Google today (bold added): In a report released Saturday, London-based Privacy International assigned Google its lowest possible grade. The category is reserved for companies with “comprehensive consumer surveillance and entrenched hostility to privacy.“ Google had this to say: “We are disappointed with Privacy International’s report, which is based on numerous inaccuracies […]