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Monthly Archives: July 2007

The Value of Domain Name Circulation

In the world of monetary systems, circulation is essential for growing healthy economies. Wealth that is earned can be put back into circulation via banking and investment industries. The dollar is always at work, helping someone somewhere earn, and one’s wealth is measured in ownership and control of enterprises that participate in the economy. The […]

Mozilla Foundation Dumps Thunderbird Mail Client

The Mozilla people have put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a bugler to play taps for ThunderBird. That’s my take on this post by the Mozilla Foundation’s on the future of Thunderbird. I have to admit, the Mozilla foundation has irked me for a few years now. Ever since they went blatantly commercial, […]

Canon MkIII Autofocus Problems: Update

It seems the Internet is changing things for the better. In my last post about the Canon EOS-1D MkIII autofocus, I commented how camera manufacturers get away with shipping inferior computerized cameras because we users cannot afford to properly test the single units we purchase. If you get a soft focuser or a stutterer you […]