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Monthly Archives: July 2007

The Value of Domain Name Circulation

In the world of monetary systems, circulation is essential for growing healthy economies. Wealth that is earned can be put back into circulation via banking and investment industries. The dollar is always at work, helping someone somewhere earn, and one’s wealth is measured in ownership and control of enterprises that participate in the economy. The […]

Mozilla Foundation Dumps Thunderbird Mail Client

The Mozilla people have put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a bugler to play taps for ThunderBird. That’s my take on this post by the Mozilla Foundation’s on the future of Thunderbird. I have to admit, the Mozilla foundation has irked me for a few years now. Ever since they went blatantly commercial, […]

Canon MkIII Autofocus Problems: Update

It seems the Internet is changing things for the better. In my last post about the Canon EOS-1D MkIII autofocus, I commented how camera manufacturers get away with shipping inferior computerized cameras because we users cannot afford to properly test the single units we purchase. If you get a soft focuser or a stutterer you […]

Can Google Kill Off SEO?

We all know Google hates SEO. They used to express it openly, before they were a BigPublicCompany. Then they branded it, with the “black hat” references. Now they are quiet about openly opposing SEO, although with each new “advance” of the Google “algorithm” they try and kill off what is commonly understood to be Search […]

Zend Framework SEO: Now There’s a SERP that needs help

Tsk tsk tsk… there is but one thing more annoying than a web programmer community site that doesn’t properly handle sessions. And that is a web programmer community site that posts a review of an SEO for PHP book, offers an opportunity to comment, but then then prevents me from posting my comment (presumably because […]

Wow. Talk about Bad Press.

After publishing this ugliness, Time Magazine had better be completely arms-length from any online dating site that competes with eHarmony. Talk about nasty commentary, that article is as biased as they come. I have to wonder just how bad an online romantic experience the Time “reporter” had with eHarmony to cause that rant. Or maybe […]

SEO Service Pricing: SEO Grows up slowly

The SEO Pricing report is in and it looks like this (as of July 25 1am PST): Service Low End Mid Range High End Site Review + Consulting $500 $2,500 $10,000 Hands-On Editing of Pages/Code $2,000 $10,000 $50,000 Manual Link Building Campaign $500 $5,000 $20,000 1-Day SEO Training Seminar $750 $4,000 $12,000 Keyword Research Package […]

Typepad blogs offline: tick tock we’re losing money… services have been offline for almost an hour. Tick tock… subscribers are losing money every minute. This was reportedly received by a Typepad subscriber ten minutes ago: Dear TypePad member, The TypePad service is currently unavailable due to power issues at our co-location facility. This means that the TypePad application and your TypePad blog […]

When will Google charge for referer?

When will Google start charging a fee for passing a referrer string? Or, more in line with Google’s way, stop passing referrer except for certified Googlers in the Webmaster Central (console) registration system? Every time I get a Google search referral, I am told (by Google, via the “referer” string) what search query resulted in […]

Google Gains Access to Web Hosting Financial Records

Google would love to assign a credit bureau account to every web site on the web. A social security number. It seems Google is now accessing the financial transaction records of web hosting companies. You’ve properly obfusctated your public WHOIS data. You’ve carefully managed your public contact information, including your Google account(s) like your AdSense […]

Shower Gel: Giving Google What it Wants: Ad-filled Web

Google wants to plaster ads on everything, and Google controls the primary search engine of the web. So, eventually, it is inevitable that Google will serve up nothing but ads. Take a look at what you get when you do a blog search for “shower gel“. Listing after listing is a fake blog about a […]

Google Bids $4.6 Billion for Open Spectrum

As much as I know I will regret this later, I support Google’s effort to open the wireless spectrum use requirements. Unlike many pro-Google bloggers, I do not think this is a benevolent act by Google. And I don’t believe this is Google working to improve the world. However, the current (and former) telco industry […]

Selling Images Online: Stock Photography Affiliate Programs

This is a reference post about selling photographic images online. The photo world is rapidly changing. You don’t need to be a professional photographer, and you don’t need to give your images away for free, either. These sites sell your images through their online stock photo catalogs, for a commission. They also run stock photography […]


A long time ago I learned that if I link to some product website from this blog, it will get investigated. I was contacted by a small business webmaster who wanted to thank me for the link and introduce himself. We chatted, and of course I asked for information from his log files. Sure enough, […]

Organic vs. Natural Foods Traffic

I’ve seen type-in traffic referred to as “natural” traffic. In search engine optimization, we refer to earned search referral traffic as “organic” traffic. I suppose now all we need to do is define “artificial” traffic, and we’ll be ready for government oversight in the form of a Food and Drug Adminsitration for Internet marketing! The […]

The Agency Says: You are Not Creative. It’s ok…

Lately I’ve been wandering around the SEO/SEM landscape quite a bit. probably has something to do wth my reluctance to maintain a feed reader, and the demise of what was a fairly decent thread watching site. Anyway, last week I noted how ClickZ oops.. I mean SearchEngineWatch was pitching the message of TheAgency, specifically that […]

Brett Tabkey Pissed, DaveN banned, Botnets Activated

I love a good conspiracy, but I just don’t see one here. Several people have pointed to this series of events and said “wow” but no matter how hard I try, I can’t see any connection between DaveN getting banned from WebWhatevahWorld and a massive UK-based botnet attack taking down WebWhatevahWorld, just concidentally the same […]

Seatle Domain Conference (Domain Roundtable) $100 discount coupon code

I have ten (10) promotional discount codes “johnon2” for the Seattle Domainer’s Conference next month. Put that code “johnon2” into the “promotional code” box when you register, and get $100 off the registration fee. This comes in from the conference organizers. Two years ago Sedo gave away 3 free tickets (old news), the hotel discount […]

SEOMoz Landing Page Optimization Contest – not “advanced”?

Rand over at SEOMoz announced a cool project – an open landing page optimization contest, verified by third party conversion tracking. This is cool enough to get even me to participate, except for one fatal flaw: a good landing page sells, and to sell, you have to know your product. The product in this case […] — Freakin’ domainers!

Conversation in my house last night, after the kids were asleep. I’m on the couch, my BFF is on the computer in the kitchen nook, and I want her to experience LOLCats. “hey honey, checkout this LOLcat site. No, it’s cats. but with bad grammer. Whatever, just check it out. Go to I have cheeseburgers […]

But The Agency People Said….

As we watch the SEO world skip and jump around the yard, TheAgency people continue to catch up, increasingly controlling the message getting through to RealClients about the importance of search marketing, how it should be done, etc. It won’t be long… pretty soon all of the technical writers communications majors search marketers will be […]

What the Duck meets

Aaron interrupted me while I had photoshop open… and this is the result.

Sp(h)inn: I’m OK, You’re OK, Be Happy!

Okay so when I asked “Who Paid ThreadWatch to Close” I was alluding. Yes I heard the question asked, but I also had my thoughts… the owners had conflicts of interest, conflicts of behaviors, and the audience wasn’t expected to pony up for $5,000 meetups featuring Dinner With Ego. The “pay to close” bit alluded […] It’s Not An Ad, it’s a “Welcome Screen”

Please give me a break and stop calling the interstitial/landing page ads a “welcome screen”. Please? I can just imagine hosting a house party, and putting a 40″ LCD on the outside of the front door. As a “guest” approaches, the LCD screen starts an animated commercial. It’s not a commercial, I will say, it’s […]

Domainers as SEOs

A good SEO has a network of sites on-niche. That means for a particular market, the SEO has the ability to place links across many unique web sites that belong in that niche, but which are not obviously related. Most of the sites have strong quality signals, because SEOs have been raised by Google to […]

Estimating Keyword Search Traffic Volume

Peter Askew over at Domainer’s Gazette posted a nice working example of modern day search volume estimation entitled “How To Estimate Universal Search Volume *Without* Using Yahoo or Wordtracker” (link no longer working). It’s a nice example of how one can use real-world available evidence to estimate traffic volume, in order to act and move […]

Trusting Helper Apps – Another View

in “Do you trust these guys?” I commented on how OpenDNS requires trust; that the service is a risk because it asks that it be trusted, when it doesn’t have a clear monetization model that earns such trust. Since then we know OpenDNS redirects typos to Yahoo! search for a share in advertising revenue, […]

Canon 1DMkIII back focus problems

No cat posts for me but sometimes I want to post about my non-SEO work (Mountain Biking, Digital Photography, Kayaking, Sailing, Hiking). I’ll keep it to technology, though, because I do have another blog for family stuff. Those who know me as a photographer have likely heard my rants about how computerized (digital) camerasĀ  provide […]

Here Come the Domainers

The next wave of the competitive internet has arrrived, and it’s driven by the Domainers. No, not parked pages, and no, not typo squatters. Domainers as publishers. If you’re in SEO and you haven’t met a domainer yet, you need to get out more. If you’re a web designer without a job, there’s likely a […]

With gone, SearchEngineLand gets Dirty

I previously commented on how I didn’t see SMX Seattle as being any more “advanced” than SES. I did go to SMX Seattle, and while I did enjoy meeting some people there I didn’t come away thinking it was any more advanced than other search conferences. But, as these things go, I did see that […]

Who Paid ThreadWatch to Close?

An interesting question raised this morning… did SEOMoz or SearchEngineLand buy out competitor ThreadWatch? Directly or indirectly? Thought was (as expressed), that both SEL and SEOMoz have budding “communities” competing for attention. SEOMoz is “membership only” so you need to register to post comments, and there’s a monthly fee for “premium” status. In other words, […]

Google wants to be your Agency: Sicko Example

For quite a while Google has demonstrated it wants to disintermediate ad agencies. As Google sold more and more AdWords, and developed the AdWords management console, it became increasingly obvious Google was positioning itself to replace TheAgency as ad buyer and campaign manager. The API was handicapped, and the multi-account management is obviously unsupportive of […]