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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Can Google Kill Off SEO?

We all know Google hates SEO. They used to express it openly, before they were a BigPublicCompany. Then they branded it, with the “black hat” references. Now they are quiet about openly opposing SEO, although with each new “advance” of the Google “algorithm” they try and kill off what is commonly understood to be Search […]

Zend Framework SEO: Now There’s a SERP that needs help

Tsk tsk tsk… there is but one thing more annoying than a web programmer community site that doesn’t properly handle sessions. And that is a web programmer community site that posts a review of an SEO for PHP book, offers an opportunity to comment, but then then prevents me from posting my comment (presumably because […]

Wow. Talk about Bad Press.

After publishing this ugliness, Time Magazine had better be completely arms-length from any online dating site that competes with eHarmony. Talk about nasty commentary, that article is as biased as they come. I have to wonder just how bad an online romantic experience the Time “reporter” had with eHarmony to cause that rant. Or maybe […]