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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Google Gains Access to Web Hosting Financial Records

Google would love to assign a credit bureau account to every web site on the web. A social security number. It seems Google is now accessing the financial transaction records of web hosting companies. You’ve properly obfusctated your public WHOIS data. You’ve carefully managed your public contact information, including your Google account(s) like your AdSense […]

Shower Gel: Giving Google What it Wants: Ad-filled Web

Google wants to plaster ads on everything, and Google controls the primary search engine of the web. So, eventually, it is inevitable that Google will serve up nothing but ads. Take a look at what you get when you do a blog search for “shower gel“. Listing after listing is a fake blog about a […]

Google Bids $4.6 Billion for Open Spectrum

As much as I know I will regret this later, I support Google’s effort to open the wireless spectrum use requirements. Unlike many pro-Google bloggers, I do not think this is a benevolent act by Google. And I don’t believe this is Google working to improve the world. However, the current (and former) telco industry […]