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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Understanding the Google

I say it over and over. Stop projecting your own beliefs onto Google, and start listening. Google is practically shouting at you, telling you how to rank well. Take the Buying Links session at SES as an example. Nyeah nyeah nyeah Google’s not fair and whah whah whah Google’s getting rich and pooh pooh pooh […]

Everything Google

Overheard at SES, during a side discusion with Google engineers over the Google Mini and Custom Google search: “I’m an ISP and I have 5 of those. We own 4, and a client owns one. We love it. We’re trying to go Everything Google now. Analytics, search, checkout, if it’s Google we want it” I […]

Anyone remember Castro Convertibles?

In the 1940s when TV was starting, the first local television commercial in NY showed 4 year old Bernadette Castro opening the Castro sofa bed all by herself. That became one of the most frequently aired commercials of all time. At age 12, Miss Bernadette starred in a re-make which was the first color television […]