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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Understanding the Google

I say it over and over. Stop projecting your own beliefs onto Google, and start listening. Google is practically shouting at you, telling you how to rank well. Take the Buying Links session at SES as an example. Nyeah nyeah nyeah Google’s not fair and whah whah whah Google’s getting rich and pooh pooh pooh […]

Everything Google

Overheard at SES, during a side discusion with Google engineers over the Google Mini and Custom Google search: “I’m an ISP and I have 5 of those. We own 4, and a client owns one. We love it. We’re trying to go Everything Google now. Analytics, search, checkout, if it’s Google we want it” I […]

Anyone remember Castro Convertibles?

In the 1940s when TV was starting, the first local television commercial in NY showed 4 year old Bernadette Castro opening the Castro sofa bed all by herself. That became one of the most frequently aired commercials of all time. At age 12, Miss Bernadette starred in a re-make which was the first color television […]

Don’t let SEO distract you from Business

There is always to much to write about SEO and not enough time. Sometimes I just want to highlight something to save the upcoming SEO people some time and effort, and this time it’s about SEO as a Distraction. It seems to be a common problem. Don’t let SEO distract you from business. Publi$hing on […]

Domain Aftermarket Wipes Out Domain Name Consulting

As a consultant I work with and for marketing directors, VPs and senior executives. As business issues arise, they like to gather the creative and strategically-innovative minds together for review and comment, so I am often pulled in to discussions of side issues not directly related to SEO and web performance, but aligned with long […]

SEO is War, War is Progress, and Progress is Expensive

TropicalSEO says domainers are in a slump, having profited hugely from generic domain appreciation while not developing beyond page parking. After 3 days at DomainRoundtable, I have to disagree with a few things. I wanted to say it in comments on the blog, but TropicalSEO requires registration so I’ll post here. First, I sat through […]

Please tell me where to go…

Attention all you SEO/SEM people out there: now is your chance to tell me where to go. I would like to know what SEO/SEM forums, discussion groups, communities or whatever out there have a place for me to participate. Where should I look to participate in SEO/SEM discussions? Based on what you know, where (if […]

Hey SEO: Raise Your Rates, You’re Worth More!

I’m at the Domain Roundtable event here in Seattle, already having fun and meeting good people. I just listened to a fun speech by Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, from Mike is the guy who bought from a bunch of drinking buddies for $80,000 and then sold it for $7 million. Oh, and he owns […]

Digg’s Got Nothin’ on Sphinn

While everyone talks about Digg, sites like Sphinn are quietly reforming the online forum space in verticals, with a vertical affinity that has nothing but forward momentum. At the same time, Digg-like general interest sites fail miserably in the forward momentum department. The more generic they become, the more irrelevant they become to passionate users, […]

First to 100 Sphinns: Prove Yourself a Marketer

Sphinn, the social media site for search marketers, is shaping up. I have to say I am impressed with the way it has started to demonstrate real value. But one thing I would hate to see Sphinn suffer is “under achiever syndrome“. You know, where you try hard but stop pushing when it’s time to […]

Time to Coin an SEO Phrase? Tight Pages

Help me out here, so I can understand if we need to coin a new phrase “tight pages“. A web page has topical content. A web page with a lot of additional, off-topic content is “bloated“. A web page full of rich content or too much content is “heavy“. A web page with too little […]

Google Street Views, Privacy, and Surf Wax

A few years ago I was photographing surfers off the Northern California coast. My Jeep was parked at water’s edge, way out on a jetty.  I had a Canon 400MM fast telephoto lens, which is large and white like you see at NFL football games. A big lens, and very obvious. If you don’t know […]

Seattle DomainRoundtable Conference: SEO Sessions

The DomainRoundTable in Seattle August 12-15th will include 2 SEO sessions: 3:15pm – 4:15pm 2007-08-13 Monday SEO 101 AND BEYOND Description: Why you need to know SEO basics if you’re going to build and maintain a successful website. A mandatory session to attend for those who want to know the true secrets of Search Engine […]

I Can Has A ICanHas Domain

The whole “” thing is wacked, but the related “ICanHas_whatever” trend reminds me of the “wazzzup” craze a few years ago. Everybody was doing “wazzzzzup” impersonations, in the style of the beer commercials. Nowadays everybody is inserting ICANHAS into their otherwise normal conversations. Heard just today: Standing on line at Zeitgeist, the guy in front […]

F***, mom. It’s not profanity. It’s communication.

During an elevator speech on the lake front yesterday I said that I know the difference between a chaise lounge and a deck chair, a folding chair and a beach chair. And I suggested that ability to be one aspect of my SEO work which could not be outsourced. In technical school (University, Bachelor of […]

Unavailable-After the Dirty Bastards are Gone

Last week Google revealed a new meta tag called “unavailable_after“. It provides webmasters with a means of telling Google in advance that a page of content will become irrelevant after some future date. When Google acknowledges unavailable_after, it schedules a removal of the page from the search results. The page is still indexed, according to […]