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Monthly Archives: September 2007

SEOS : The Card Counters of the Internet

I was reading Aaron Wall’s description of his Google experiences (“Google Lies“), and I thought wow, Aaron is becoming enlightened. You see, Aaron has been around SEO for a few years now but has always had this “here is how it works” perspective on SEO. “You do this, and that happens, because Google works this […]

“There Are No Secrets” and other SEO Myths

One of the Great Myths of SEO is not that “there are no secrets”, but that “there are no secrets” articles are hogwash. Anyone in search marketing who says “there are no secrets” either has not been in search marketing for very long, or has an alternative agenda for that propaganda. I’ve been in SEO […]

Ad Blocking: the real issue

If you visited this blog with Firefox you probably saw a harsh redirect to the anti-firefox rant over at That was my intention. If you said to yourself “what is John smoking?” then good. That, too, was my intention. If you linked to me for any reason, then thanks, that was a hoped-for bonus. […]