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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Shopping Ads Debut

Those ads on the right are not amazon or Google ads. They are ShoppingAds, a new cost-per-click program from the folks who bring you ReviewMe and TextLinkAds and AuctionAds. Click on “Ads by ShoppingAds” at the bottom of the ad strip,  to see what the program is about and consider signing up for your own […]

John Dvorak loves Google but Hates the Side Effects

Hey John D., it’s not so hard to understand really. First the disclaimer: I haven’t read John Dvorak for many, many years (since the 350 page per issue PC Magazine days). That said, I did come across this article of his and it is relevant to my current observations on Google and the press. in […]

If I were Google, I’d be just about to….

If I were Google, I would have been working hard for the past 6 months on something new, and it would now be “almost ready”. In early spring of 2007, if I were Google I would have recognized the strength of search marketing in the world today, (SEM/SEO and especially SEO), and reflected. I would […]

Social Media Marketing and Irrational Exuberance

I have some middle-aged Korean friends. The kind of Koreans that wear sharply-tailored, brass-button suits and traditional Burberry trench coats. They appreciate fashion at a level that eschews “common” trends like Louis Vuitton, in favor of hand-made unique accessories only recognized as fashionable by other, similarly-tasted and similarly traveled peers. They are extremely nationalistic, passionately […]

The Politics of Search: it’s just beginning…

When a blog gets “popular”, the blogger is faced with a quandary. Continue to do what has made the blog popular, or recognize that there is now audience expectation, and accommodate it? The audience is people, and people live by politics. If you don’t accommodate the people, you can find yourself on the wrong side […]

Search Marketers : study this list

If you are in SEO/SEM then you probably understand the historic value of a domain name from a marketing perspective. You are also probably increasingly understanding the market value of generic domains, and perhaps developed domains. But do you recognize just how fast this market is advancing? Adam Strong over at DomainNameNews just published the […]

Google Health Platform

Following Microsoft’s Health Vault, Google has announced that the Google Health Initiative at the Web Summit. As allof us involved with search already know, Google reminds us: Google is already the starting point for a large majority of the health-related searches on the Web Now we also hear that Googleis moving into local health commerce […]

Is The Web Honeymoon Almost Over?

The “honeymoon” is the initial period during which much is forgiven. The situation is new, overreaction is dangerous, and a decision was already made to “try it and see how it goes“. You aren’t usually thrust into a honeymoon — you decide to go there: you manage the risk. The web, from an SEO perspective, […]

Google, Users, Domainers and SEOs

Warning: Sometimes a blog post is less an essay than stream of consciousness… and some people may get headaches from wading through such a post (see the first comment – sorry!). The rest of you have been warned. By the way, according to the wiki, “stream of consciousness” was first defined by William James, the […]

Paying for Privilege

I’m sitting in the Moniker/TRAFFIC Domain Live Auction. Right now is on the block…. $13,000…. $16,000…. $18,000…. all the way up it goes. Now $30k, once, twice… now $37,500 and the auctioneer makes a joke. Where’s Alf? He’d like this one, but maybe not at the $47.5k it’s at already. Did he just say […] and Snarky SEO Blogs

I started this blog in July of last year, after many years of staying under the radar in SEO. Mostly I try and maintain it as an unbridled voice of a strategically-engaged  SEO watching the search engines, the online market places driven by search traffic, and the crazy public promotional world of “SEO/SEM”. I’ve decided […]

Is your registrar worthy of your domain assets?

This morning’s “Meet the Registrar” session demonstrated the importance of the registrar in domain asset management. We all know this, and have been aware, but have we been truly aware? As domains increase in value, they become more valuable than money, yet how many are “stored” at registrars where security is not exactly top priority? […]

Humbled by T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Domainer profit margins: Michael Gilmour of knows his business. He presented numbers (I love to see numbers) on Google’s traffic acuisition costs and the percentage of ad revenue shared between Google, domainers, and parking companies. Guess what? Google’s share has gone down (-29%), domainer’s have basically stayed the same (-3%), and parking companies revenues […]

More from TRAFFIC East… things are looking good

I will post here and there live from the TRAFFIC East domain conference, because the overlap of SEO and domaining is just so darn interesting I can’t help myself. This is just one of those posts from the floor of TRAFFIC  East in Hollywood Florida…. notes 2 separate camps meeting at the Google/Yahoo! trading […]

Who Can Take Away Your Domain?

I will post here and there live from the TRAFFIC East domain conference, because the overlap of SEO and domaining is just so darn interesting I can’t help myself. This is just one of those posts from the floor of TRAFFIC  East in Hollywood Florida…. Preserving the long term value of domain names for domain […]

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Conference

TRAFFIC Conference The TRAFFIC domain conference in Miami (actually Hollywood) Florida is October 9-13,2007. Hosted by Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu, TRAFFIC East 2007 is also the annual meeting of the World Association of Domain Name Developers (WADND), which hosts the invitation-only TRAFFIC conference. The conference schedule is here, the Conference hotel is the Westin […]

HealthVault (Microsoft Health Vault)

Microsoft is first out of the gate announcing Health Vault, an online personal health information database of Google proportions. We can expect everyone to go after that gold mine, because such a database represents the single most profitable social media endeavor imaginable. Google will eventually build a health database. Yahoo! will probably try and add […]

Favorite SEO Blog Posts

Pay Attention to Attention Here Come the Domainers A Market for Lemons and SEO Snake Oil SEO: the Card Counters of the Internet SEO as International Minutia Dealer Self-effacing Link-bait for the SEO Community “there are no secrets” and other SEO myths banished from the Google kingdom Buying Links: Poyfickly Leegull The New […]