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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Paying for Privilege

I’m sitting in the Moniker/TRAFFIC Domain Live Auction. Right now is on the block…. $13,000…. $16,000…. $18,000…. all the way up it goes. Now $30k, once, twice… now $37,500 and the auctioneer makes a joke. Where’s Alf? He’d like this one, but maybe not at the $47.5k it’s at already. Did he just say […] and Snarky SEO Blogs

I started this blog in July of last year, after many years of staying under the radar in SEO. Mostly I try and maintain it as an unbridled voice of a strategically-engagedĀ  SEO watching the search engines, the online market places driven by search traffic, and the crazy public promotional world of “SEO/SEM”. I’ve decided […]

Is your registrar worthy of your domain assets?

This morning’s “Meet the Registrar” session demonstrated the importance of the registrar in domain asset management. We all know this, and have been aware, but have we been truly aware? As domains increase in value, they become more valuable than money, yet how many are “stored” at registrars where security is not exactly top priority? […]