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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Thank You Publishers

I would like to extend a sincere “thank you” to all you publishers out there welcoming posts and comments on your publications. Seriously… thanks. ThreadWatch was the first community site that I felt actually welcomed my contributions. I had been involved in most of the forums at one point or another, but ThreadWatch was the […]

SEO Poker

Rose Colored Glasses and Rose Colored Kool-Aide

Someone emailed me today and called me curmudgeon-y. So I looked it up. Grumpy old man. Hah. I am not that old, and I am not grumpy. And I dislike that SearchEngineLand has labeled it’s hard-core SEO blog roll as “Old Fart SEOs”. I like appearing there, but I don’t like the label. Yeah yeah, […]

Shhh.. It’s Not Advertising, It’s Wikipedia!

Shall we wait another quarter to start introducing yet more advertising on the web, or can we slip it in now? We’ve barely gotten past the “paid links are evil” debates. PayperPost is not completely dead yet, and TLA and it’s sister companies are still alive. But since there is really no other way for […]

Basecamp Doesn’t need My Business

I have been using BaseCamp for a handful of smaller projects during the past year. At $49/month for secure access, it has been very convenient but borderline productive. I like to stay informed about emerging technology, and while I use ActiveCollab for hosted projects, BaseCamp has been super easy for smaller clients and low-activity, longer […]

PubCon Las Vegas: Yes or No?

It’s time to talk about yet another seo conference: PubCon Las Vegas. Yet another week of travel. Yet another chance to open the overnight bag and remove the laptop, remove the little plastic bag with shampoo and shaving cream, and remove my shoes so I can shuffle through airport security in my socks (ever notice […]

Google vs. Innovation

Okay, so I understand search is politics and I have long been an advocate of the “Google is not your friend” philosophy of life, but as a professional search marketer I have not been this disgusted with the search industry in many years. I was reviewing my post and noticing that Google had (manually?) […]

The SEO, the Press, and Pandering

As SEO has grown, I think the standards for the SEO profession have gone down. That’s not unexpected for any industry seeing rapid expansion. One hopes that over time, as millions of real estate people study for their new careers as “search marketers”, things will get better. But then, there is the Press. The Press […]