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Monthly Archives: December 2007


By my casual observance is getting hyped is SEO/SEM world this quarter. I would never suggest they were “paying” for coverage, as that is against the Google guidelines (ahem) but it sure does look like someone is orchestrating a campaign. I remember whan Markus was citing them back in the day, and I got […]

Why This Blog is a Failure

Every once in a while some blogger in my space will hint that I don’t know how to manage this blog. It’s usually subtle… a reference about how one of my posts might have had a big impact if I had just…. or how posts should be short with pictures, not long and wordy like […]

WordPress: That Took 14 Months

In November of 2006 I noted how much fun it might be to read “draft” WordPress blog posts of competitors. Forteen months later, we read this and this and this. Good thing I deleted my Lupins post.