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Monthly Archives: December 2007


By my casual observance is getting hyped is SEO/SEM world this quarter. I would never suggest they were “paying” for coverage, as that is against the Google guidelines (ahem) but it sure does look like someone is orchestrating a campaign. I remember whan Markus was citing them back in the day, and I got […]

Why This Blog is a Failure

Every once in a while some blogger in my space will hint that I don’t know how to manage this blog. It’s usually subtle… a reference about how one of my posts might have had a big impact if I had just…. or how posts should be short with pictures, not long and wordy like […]

WordPress: That Took 14 Months

In November of 2006 I noted how much fun it might be to read “draft” WordPress blog posts of competitors. Forteen months later, we read this and this and this. Good thing I deleted my Lupins post.

The Stars of PubCon

At PubCon this year there were stars everywhere. Big Stars, and little stars. So far, no one has been able to tell me what they indicated. Most of the attendees got name badges with small star stickers attached to the outside lower corner. The same sort of sticker stars your 2nd grade teacher used to […]

Job In A Box: The Mobile Professional

I have been a full-time mobile professional for 4 years now. That’s 4 years of no office, high-tech gadgets, and constant change. A few years ago I made a friend in an office maintenance company manager. He didn’t use computers, but certainly understood them. One day over coffee he pointed to my Thinkpad and said […]

Why I won’t be at Seattle Startup Weekend – Google Checkout

Updated: We don’t need no stinkin’ Google Checkout. I’ve registered via alternative means, and looking forward to it. Sigh. I was getting psyched about Seattle Startup Weekend in January. I know it’s odd, and I know it’s “cumbersome”, but it is real live meshing and I so love meshing with tech peers in a goal-oriented […] – let’s talk about bad domain names

I read that just got $196 million in funding, and bought smaller rival Funders of the travel company now include Sequoia Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Accel Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Trident Capital, Oak Investment Partners, Lehman Brothers Venture Partners, Silicon Valley Bank and Gold Hill Capital. Wow. That’s a lot of cooks in […]

Disagreeing with The Economist on 2008: A Matter of Perspectives

The Economist published 3 predictions for technology in 2008. I agree a little, but mostly I disagree. I think it is a matter of perspective. I can’t hold the unnamed editors at accountable for their article, nor can I engage them in debate unless they happen upon my little blog here, but I can […]

Domain Typo Squatting: Where there is trust, there is an exploit

McAffee has an opinion, and if you trust them for your AntiVirus and personal computer “security”, that opinion is now shaping your Internet experience. Hacking credo: where there is trust, there is an exploit. It goes way back. The art of the con… find or create a point of trust, and you have opportunity to […]

Google Knol – Bestest Article Site EVER

Well, as soon as I rant-parodied Google’s ADWords program, comparing it to “black hat” SEO doorway pages of yesteryear, Google took the next step towards SEO/publisher disintermediation with the announcement of “Knol”, a spam article submission site. Gee, can you guess what Google will do next? Proxy page title elements in the index with “better […]

Google goes Black Hat with Doorway Page Program

Google says this, Google says that, blah blah blah. And as Google rakes in billions and dominates search, who am I to question Google’s motives? Obviously it is all about money. But not “little money”. Big money. Serious money. A few hundred per day from everyone marketing products on the Internet. And since we all […]

More Canon Camera Problems: The Future is Bright for Reputation Management and PR

I have discovered that many of us web people are camera buffs as well. In the prosumer digital SLR market, there is little competition for Canon, just as here is little competition for Google in the search market. Nikon is the Yahoo!, with a loyal but shrinking following. The different between search and SLRs, however, […]

SearchFest Portland

Searchfest Update for 2009: SearchFest 2009 is March 10. See SearchFest 2009 Agenda and Searchfest Portland Registration page. Original post for SearchFest Portland 2008 follows: The folks at SEMpdx are putting together quite a show for SearchFest March 10,2008 in Portland at the Oregon Zoo‘s Cascade Crest Banquet Center. There will be concurrent, all-day sessions […]

Stupid Black Hat Discussions

Seriously, since when did efficiency become “black hat”? I suppose nowadays with all the newbies using WordPress and calling themselves SEOs, actual coding skillz are Black Hat too? Competitive Webmastering. That comes as back office efficiency, strategic cleverness, mad tactical skillz, incredible stamina, unbridled aggressiveness, or any number of other forms.   Read my lips: just […]

Google Wants to Rank Your Page #1

I had this conversation several times here at PubCon, so I suppose I should memorialize it in a blog post. Google really does want your page to rank #1….. for something. It’s 3:34am and I’m beat, but let me at least put this out there for search marketers to think about: 1. Google reads everything […]

Dan Perry takes the Pot at Purpose Inc. SEO Poker Tournament

Golfer Dan Perry won the SEO Poker tournament tonight (this morning!), beating Jeremy Shoemaker (ShoeMoney) for the title. It took five hours plus, with the final rounds running $1000 ante and $6000 blinds. Upon receiving his winnings, Dan generously tipped the casino crew and handed a $500 chip over as an additional donation to […]

Matt Cutts Works Too Hard

This post should be required reading for anyone in search marketing. Matt Cutts goes all out and works a long night of comment feedback, with plenty of details, providing insights into the Google approach to the paid links issue. Cameo appearances (in true form) by Michael Gray and ThatDougGuy, but pay attention to how hard […]

mobile phone novels (keitai shousetsu) – not in the USA

When my American friends discuss innovation, I often get annoyed at their dedication of passion to their uninformed opinions. If only they would put some of that energy into study, eh? TechCrunch (today’s version of Red Herring, according to some lol) is reporting that “In Japan, half the top selling books are Written on Mobile […]

New Google Logo Program: “We follow Google’s SEO Guidelines”

Sometimes you can’t compete with the BigBoys and just have to give up and make the best lemonaede you can. In the very competitive local space, I now see eLocal ranking some pages in my markets, and when I looked at their website at I discovered a new Google logo program. No wonder! How […]