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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Google Knol – Bestest Article Site EVER

Well, as soon as I rant-parodied Google’s ADWords program, comparing it to “black hat” SEO doorway pages of yesteryear, Google took the next step towards SEO/publisher disintermediation with the announcement of “Knol”, a spam article submission site. Gee, can you guess what Google will do next? Proxy page title elements in the index with “better […]

Google goes Black Hat with Doorway Page Program

Google says this, Google says that, blah blah blah. And as Google rakes in billions and dominates search, who am I to question Google’s motives? Obviously it is all about money. But not “little money”. Big money. Serious money. A few hundred per day from everyone marketing products on the Internet. And since we all […]

More Canon Camera Problems: The Future is Bright for Reputation Management and PR

I have discovered that many of us web people are camera buffs as well. In the prosumer digital SLR market, there is little competition for Canon, just as here is little competition for Google in the search market. Nikon is the Yahoo!, with a loyal but shrinking following. The different between search and SLRs, however, […]