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Monthly Archives: December 2007

SearchFest Portland

Searchfest Update for 2009: SearchFest 2009 is March 10. See SearchFest 2009 Agenda and Searchfest Portland Registration page. Original post for SearchFest Portland 2008 follows: The folks at SEMpdx are putting together quite a show for SearchFest March 10,2008 in Portland at the Oregon Zoo‘s Cascade Crest Banquet Center. There will be concurrent, all-day sessions […]

Stupid Black Hat Discussions

Seriously, since when did efficiency become “black hat”? I suppose nowadays with all the newbies using WordPress and calling themselves SEOs, actual coding skillz are Black Hat too? Competitive Webmastering. That comes as back office efficiency, strategic cleverness, mad tactical skillz, incredible stamina, unbridled aggressiveness, or any number of other forms.   Read my lips: just […]

Google Wants to Rank Your Page #1

I had this conversation several times here at PubCon, so I suppose I should memorialize it in a blog post. Google really does want your page to rank #1….. for something. It’s 3:34am and I’m beat, but let me at least put this out there for search marketers to think about: 1. Google reads everything […]