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Monthly Archives: January 2008

With More Domain Thefts, enter Fort Moniker ?

The world is full of scams, and as domain values increase there is a need for a Fort Knox style facility for holding domains securely. Moniker continues to earn top praise as the registrar of choice. I see Moniker recommended every time there is a domain theft or a new scam (and there is a […]

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. + Affiliate Summit + SMX?

Domainers and Affiliate Marketers… what a combination! Domainers doing asset development like SEOs because SEOs know how to get tons of search referral traffic. But I often think that one of the reasons many domainers who don’t understand SEO still like SEOs is because SEOs know affiliate marketing (and monetization in general) and domainers want […]

Magento SEO (search engine friendly Magento shopping cart)

Magento Book review: See down at the end of this article, a review of Packt’s PHP Development for Magento reference. There’s also a new recipe-like Magento book from Pakt on “sales tactics”, mentioned here, which I will also be reading. Social Media aspects are coming to Magento… you will soon be able to use your […]

Internet Activity Data: What’s it Worth?

I followed a link to, a Web 2 ot Doh! application that keeps track of your time. You install a piece of spyware toolbar widget timer app, and RescueTime keeps an accounting of how long you are using a particular desktop application (like Word or Excel or Outlook) or web site (like Sphinn). I’m […]

What Price, Worldwide Embrassment?

I supposed we’ve gotten used to our Federcal Communications Commission (FCC) failing to do much useful with the 300 million taxpayer dollars we give them every year. But now we have a new value consideration for American taxpayers: what is world wide embarassment worth? What is the value of the FCC propping American’s up as […]

Google Maps soon as Reliable As Wikipedia

The way things are going, Google maps will soon be as reliable as Wikipedia. A Google blog announced Google maps are now user-adjustable, and adjust we users will. For example, a resident of an apartment building in New York City decided the building address 510 East 20th Street would be better pointing directly to his […]

The Google Sandbox : Now Applies to Domainers

The “Google Sandbox” is a time delay imposed on new domains, preventing them from ranking in search results unless they exceed some set of criteria known only to Google. It was named by search marketers who have since debated its character as well as its existence. Many new domains show no signs of “sandboxing”, while […]

Modern SEO as Competitive Webmastering

I started this blog by calling online marketing a form of competitive webmastering. While what we do changes over time, the reason we do it is to compete with other web publishers for the attention of the audience. If they do something to help themselves out rank you, you will have to address that problem […]

Domain Development & Liquidity: SEO will work for Equity

The domainer space is interesting and exciting for me because it is a rapidly changing market built on a disruptive concept, tightly linked to search marketing. It’s got style, including wild success stories and Big Courageous Egos, yet is actually quite simple in concept. In short, it’s beautiful. But like most things beautiful, it suffers […]

Hypocrisy Begins at Home: Sphinn is YOURS!

The search industry struggles with issues of “fairness” too much. Every year several issues come up where search marketers cry “foul!”, Google frowns sternly while waving a crooked finger, and talking heads at the most expensive Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization in the world roll their eyes in suggestively “knowing” fashion (it’s a front, folks. […]

Get Your Free Links From….

I hope that title was at least a little funny. Anyway, we’re at 204 Sphinns over at the Greatest Hits page, which is great. But with the clamp down on paid links and the difficulties people have getting the “A” list to acknowledge them with links, I feel like we have an opportunity to push […]

Well-placed URLs as Advertising, Assisted

As I sipped my Starbucks coffee, I wondered how environmentally friendly the double-cup thing is. I loved those little corrugated cardboard cup insulator rings when they came out, because they provided the needed insulation for your hand when holding hot coffee in a paper cup, eliminating the need for Styrofoamâ„¢ cups which are oh-so-nasty for […]

Go Google Go!

Check your logs… we are in the Age of the New Google. Go baby, go! That’s what i want to say. Google is kickin’ it right now, with their latest “intelligence” at work in the relevancy portions of the algo. I don’t know if Matt & Co. are behind the improvements in the relevance, but […]

Maturity is Knowing You’re not All That

If there is one thing I have learned in life it is that I have a lot to learn. That is why I study. That is why I keep my eyes open. And that is partially why I suffer frustration and disappointment when I encounter cheaters who disregard the common good to gain some short-sighted […]

More Search Marketing BS: The Players get their Feathers Ruffled

The other day I got upset about Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land publishing an article which suggested search marketers could get “free links” by spamming the new Wired Wiki. I called his choice of headlines “stupid”. You can read it on this blog… it is the previous post. Not only was his an irresponsible headline, […]

“Get a free Link from Wired” was a Stupid Headline

If that “article” over at SearchEngineLand didn’t make you question the motivation of those guys, and their value to the search marketing community, I worry about your mental health. Believe it not, there is more to search marketing than paying Google for AdWords. And I dont mean there’s all the detail behind Google AdWords Professional […]

GoDaddy Pushes the Limits of Ethical Behavior, Too

With all the discussion of Network Solutions “stretching the envelope” of respectable behavior as a licensed, sanctioned and trusted domain name registrar, we shouldn’t let down our guard with respect to all registrars possible taking liberties with our data and trust. Just today I noticed yet another perversion of the registrar role, with GoDaddy. I […]

Domain Acquisition is Tricky Business

I have been buying domains since they were $150 each. I have been a “domain acquisition consultant” since I started making side money hand-crafting DNS records for others back in the early 90’s (Network Solutions was the only registar, and they did almost nothing for your $150). During the past year, domain acquisition has become […]

Greedy Bastards at The New York Times

I admired the New York Times for their SEO efforts in the past, and even followed up when some SEO people whined about unfair competition from the New York Times SEO efforts. But now The new York Times is demonstrating the greedy behavior that some of those SEO whiners feared. It’s not just The Times, […]

Modern SEO: It’s All About Knowing Matt Cutts

I’ve always had this odd distaste for conference photos, especially the ones where some guy stands next to you, gets his friend to take a photo, and then posts it on his web site as a sign of how you and he are buds. So I usually avoid it best I can. But Todd Mintz […]

Shoulda Pownced on

Is it still ‘cool’ to make Bad Domain Decisions? A long time ago, bad domain names were kool. They were difrent. Call it anti-establishment, or call it uneek, but it was cool to look stoopid. Before search. Not now. Really. No longer. Not cool any more. Nope. Kinda stupid now. Yup. Looks bad. Ugly even. […]

A Challenge for the Google Ph.D.’s : Explain THIS!

I agree personalization and alternative energy and Internet TV are important challenges, but when all those Ph.D.s at Google get done with those problems maybe they can get to work trying to explain this. I can’t, and it’s really bugging me so I could use some help from the Internet Brain Trust. I checked […]