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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Hypocrisy Begins at Home: Sphinn is YOURS!

The search industry struggles with issues of “fairness” too much. Every year several issues come up where search marketers cry “foul!”, Google frowns sternly while waving a crooked finger, and talking heads at the most expensive Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization in the world roll their eyes in suggestively “knowing” fashion (it’s a front, folks. […]

Get Your Free Links From….

I hope that title was at least a little funny. Anyway, we’re at 204 Sphinns over at the Greatest Hits page, which is great. But with the clamp down on paid links and the difficulties people have getting the “A” list to acknowledge them with links, I feel like we have an opportunity to push […]

Well-placed URLs as Advertising, Assisted

As I sipped my Starbucks coffee, I wondered how environmentally friendly the double-cup thing is. I loved those little corrugated cardboard cup insulator rings when they came out, because they provided the needed insulation for your hand when holding hot coffee in a paper cup, eliminating the need for Styrofoamâ„¢ cups which are oh-so-nasty for […]