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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Go Google Go!

Check your logs… we are in the Age of the New Google. Go baby, go! That’s what i want to say. Google is kickin’ it right now, with their latest “intelligence” at work in the relevancy portions of the algo. I don’t know if Matt & Co. are behind the improvements in the relevance, but […]

Maturity is Knowing You’re not All That

If there is one thing I have learned in life it is that I have a lot to learn. That is why I study. That is why I keep my eyes open. And that is partially why I suffer frustration and disappointment when I encounter cheaters who disregard the common good to gain some short-sighted […]

More Search Marketing BS: The Players get their Feathers Ruffled

The other day I got upset about Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land publishing an article which suggested search marketers could get “free links” by spamming the new Wired Wiki. I called his choice of headlines “stupid”. You can read it on this blog… it is the previous post. Not only was his an irresponsible headline, […]